Sunday, February 05, 2012

Insta Friday: February 3, 2012

Last Saturday was my nephew's Mario birthday party.
The kids had fun in the bounce house
and running around with all the other kids,
and I had fun chatting it up with family and friends.

That evening we went to Five Guys to celebrate Will's birthday.
The Boy was so excited to "take" us because The Girl and I
hadn't been before.

The kids loved playing around in in the courtyard while
we chatted and enjoyed the evening after dinner.

That night I rolled The Girl's hair in anticipation of church.
Can you guess which pictures depicts how she really feels?

Saturday night while I was sleeping I kind of kinked my back/neck/shoulders.
Every morning it was slightly worse.
I spent the beginning of the week in this position trying
ice/rest/avoid pain :)

Thursday we watched Gobbler's Knob with anticipation
to see if Punxsutawney Phil would see his Shadow.

Someone below was very disappointed Phil saw his shadow,
as he had previously voted in the class poll that Phil
would not see his shadow.

Thursday we met up with Kara-Noel so that we
could catch up and she could give me some
cool crafts to do that I missed due to my
diverticulitis woes.
Her sweet little baby passed out sucking her thumb.

That night I crafted the night away doing my Kara-Noel
craft homework and we were two steps closer to
changing from snowmen to hearts :)


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