Saturday, January 28, 2012

Insta Friday: January 27, 2012

Saturday The Girl had a birthday party.
We decided to put curlers in her hair and make her fancy.

However, we didn't allow for enough drying time,
so we ended up with piggies instead.

That night Will took us out to Yogurtland to celebrate
me being able to eat something other than chicken broth.

Sunday I got the bug to clean the craft room/nursery.
I was trying to find something and I couldn't,
so I started cleaning and I couldn't stop!

Eight hours later we had THIS!

Monday I saw this beauty at the store.
It's called Rapsberry Ice and I LOVE IT!

It was a rainy day on Monday so The Girl rocked a headband
and a ponytail.

I love the rain.
I was sad to see it go.

There was no playing outside,
so I settled in with a good book and did some reading.

Wednesday afternoon it was a quick trip to the grocery
store to pick up some treats for that evening's
festivities at the church.
While I perused the Valentine's Day aisle,
The Boy kept himself busy :)

New Beginnings turned out wonderfully!
I work with a talented group of women and
they really know how to rock an event!

Thursday morning we did FREE breakfast at CFA,
and then headed off to pick up the carpoolers.

That afternoon the weather was perfect,
so we emailed the girls and told them to join us at the park.
We partied like Park Stars till the streetlights came on.

Friday after school I picked The Boy up myself
and we headed to Pretend City!

It was the grand opening of the new sushi restaurant
and the kids loved the new digs!

We even got to listen to a story and learn more about Japan.

life rearranged


Holly said...

Cute photos, even though the curlers didn't work out. :)

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