Monday, January 23, 2012

Adventures in {Angry Birds Birthday}

This year The Boy had an Angry Birds Birthday Playdate for his 6th Birthday.
He invited his friends from kinder carpool and his bestie.

This was supposed to be less stressful for me and more fun for The Boy :)
We started with decorating our treat bags.
I printed off coloring pages from Cartoon Jr.
and the kids colored them.

Then Jaime and I helped them cut them out and they glued
them onto their bags.

Then we played a little Angry Birds game.
The kids loved it, but it was hard waiting their turns :)

Then we headed outside in the Angry Birds costumes
that my friend Kirsten had made her family for Halloween.

The kids loved them!!!!
First they just ran wild . . .

And then they broke into a more organized game
of DUCK, DUCK, Angry Bird!

No Angry Birds Birthday would be complete
without some super cute cupcakes!

So I begged hired my cousin Cory of Lady Cupcake's Corner
to make some awesome toppers and she shipped
them to me for the big day.

JT requested red velvet cake.
6 kids + red velvet = No Bueno.
So we ate them outside.

One of the fun things in the goodie bag was
an Angry Bird mask that I made for the kids.
As you can see,
my model wasn't a willing participant.

However, the other kids loved them!

You can get a template and brief tutorial on my other blog.


Bernadett said...

Super party.:)Congratulations Mom.:)
And happy birthday for the little guy.:)
This waits for me,too in a week....:)
To organize a party....
My younger daughter will turn 3 on the 30th of January and my elder 9 on the 5th of February...
So it would be good to organize some game for the elder one,because she will have a party for her schoolmates...
Not easy...
The previous year they just went mad and ran all around the house...
So this time it would not be bad so have some plans...
But they have to be in the house,because in Serbia it is winter now...but without snow...
We will see,but your organization was fantastic.:)

Jaime said...

HA! We both put the boys parties on our family blogs today! Perhaps Jeremy got his inspiration for Jedi Jedi Sith from JT's Angry Birds rendition of duck duck goose. Crazy boys. I'm so glad they're friends. :)

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