Thursday, October 27, 2011

Insta Friday: October 28, 2011

It's almost time for Halloween!
Tomorrow night is our church trunk or treat!
If you want to join us, come on over!

Last Friday we did park day.
And the little lady was so excited that she got to swing.
A rare occasion :)
The other moms make fun of me because
I pretty much refuse to swing her.
Parks are for running and jumping, not sitting.
We can sit at home.

Friday The Boy's costume came in the mail.
He was starting to get panicked it would never come.

I found some glasses for my granny costume in the
Dollar Spot at Target.

Friday night we went to Pretend City
for Family Fun Night.

It was so fun!
And we even got to make a fun family craft.

After Pretend City we headed over to check out Boot Hill.
The Boy wanted to go in so badly!
But he just couldn't do it.
So we just went home.

Saturday after soccer we headed to
The Threadery with Jaime and clan.

Then we stopped in Old Town Orange

The rad barista at Bruxie thought the kids
were so cute that he gave them some free custard.

That afternoon I finished The Girl's cape for her costume.

All day The Boy talked about the haunted house,
and how he wanted to go again.
He pinky promised he'd REALLY go in.

So we headed back over.
They left out the monsters,
and he did it!

Monday I had a visiting teaching date at Yogurtland.

Mmmm . . . oatmeal cookie!

I kept working on The Girl's costume.

And shirred for the first time.

We went BOOing! for FHE.

We even got all fancy, Eli's Lids style.

Tuesday I finished top to The Girl's Costume . . .

. . . and the tutu and made her try it all on!

Then I hosted a small brood for the morning,
so we headed to the park.

I also cut & stapled like crazy to finish
a project for The Boy's teacher.

A little audiobook and a stapler,
and I was ready to go.

Wednesday is our crazy day,
it culminated with a Halloween PAR-TAY!
for the youth at church.
Look at these sweet kabobs one of the girls made.

My friend Jenn hosted.
I love her house!
She is so stylish and fancy.

I need this chandelier STAT!

I love how she added a sparkly spider web to it!

life rearranged


Jaime said...

The oatmeal cookie is back??? I must go after the Pumpkin Patch. :)

The Morris Family said...

Love the little girls costume!! You did a great job!!!

Hope you have a great week!!

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