Thursday, October 20, 2011

Insta Friday: October 21, 2011

We had another action packed week.
I am beginning to wonder if lazy days
and blank agendas will ever occur again :)

Friday morning I practiced my make up
for the party that night.
Rocked these eyes during carpool.

I spent Friday working on these beauties.

They took me 3X's longer than I thought they would,
so I never got around to making the Candy Corn Bugle Mix :(

That's ok, because then I took my Cocoa Latte machine
and that little beauty won me a prize from Jaime.

And of course we got our craft on!

But apparently I left the salt at home.
Although I swear I packed it.
But it wasn't in the bag.
And then I found it next to the bagels when I got home.

Saturday after soccer I took this guy to get his blood drawn.
He was so worried about it.
He kept asking we what it would feel like.
I said it wouldn't hurt as much as a shot,
but probably a little more than his TB test.
After it was done he said,
"Mom! You were wrong! It was just like the TB test!"
No tears and all smiles after.

Saturday afternoon/evening I whipped up
a pretty composition notebook cover
for a friend in the ward that just got called on a mission.
She's staying local to be the secretary to the mission president,
but she still had to go to the MTC.
So she needed something to take notes in :)

Sunday it was all about church.
I got a new calling!
When the Bishop told me he was releasing me as Laurel adviser
I started bawling.
No joke!
He told me not to cry until I heard where he was calling me to.
2nd counselor in the YW Presidency!
Beehives here I come!!!
He said - You thought I was going to call you to Primary.

Monday there was no school!
So we did lunch with our besties at Ruby's.

I'm not quite sure what this was all about,
but it's hilarious.

Tuesday the waste people dropped this monster off.
I did not order this monster.

Seriously, look at it compared to the one I wanted.
Call to straighten it out and apparently
some random person canceled my service
and ordered this?!
They were embarrassed to say the least.

Monday night was rough for this little lady.
This is was she looked like at 10:15am
on Tuesday morning.
Silly girl.

Tuesday night after soccer practice
we met Will at the church to help him get ready
for Cub Scouts.
The Girl led us in some music.

We came home and had dinner and movie - picnic style.
They had cheesy chips - not nachos - cheesy chips.

Wednesday I shipped off these for a local boutique this
I love the look of everything all packaged and pretty.

Wednesday was MADNESS!
-Last minute trim for picture day
- Finish up orders & get to the post office
- Drop of The Girl for a playdate
- Volunteer in the kinder classroom
- Drive home carpool & pick up The Girl
- Come home make cookies
-Dance class/run back during dance to make more cookies
- Pick up from dance/come home to take cookies out
- Run to the park for a playdate
- Home and more cookies
- Daddy home, dinner served, mommy off to YW in Excellence

YW in Excellence was magical!
And the 6 dozen cookies I made got devoured.

I got to try Butterbeer for the first time.
Yummy, but SUPER sweet.

This morning we tried out our special edition cereals :)
Well, The Girl did.
The Boy isn't much for cereal.

life rearranged


Angi said...

cool photos specially your make up.

The Morris Family said...

Great week of pictures!!!! I have to tell ya this......we have a garbage can that large but we have 14 people!! and we live in the country and once a week pic up!! ha!! and belive me we fill it up!!!

happy friday!!!

Jen@ADropintheBucket said...

WOW! Look at those eyes! You did that yourself? Amazing! You had a busy week lady!

Anonymous said...

love all these pictures.. the eyelash thing is so neat! ;)

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