Wednesday, April 06, 2011

'Til We Meet Again

So I have these really awesome inlaws.
For reals.
Everyone loves them.
They are fantastic people through and through.

Last month they left on their second mission for our church.
It was really hard for me.
They only got home from their last mission two years ago.
And I wasn't ready to let them go again.

But notice that those are selfish "I" statements.
They are where the Lord needs them.
They are serving.
They are His hands on His Earth do His work.

So although I cried as I processed these pictures,
(Probably the reason I've been putting it off.)
I am so proud of them.
And maybe one day I'll be strong enough spiritually to accept a call to serve.

Four way kisses are big time fun with Grandma & Grandpa!

My biggest nephew grabbing his last hugs.

The A-Team men know how to pack.

The hugs and good byes begin.

My smallest nephew grabbing his last hug.

It's time to blow kisses and wave good bye.

And because we're the A-Team, we wave til the end.

God be with you . . .

. . . til we meet again.


Jaime said...

What a bittersweet post. I feel happy and sad as well. Good for you for finding the courage to be happy for their service. :)

Maurice&Tash said...

Good Post!! I love your family. Touching photos. I feel like I was there.

Vivian said...

You just made me cry! I was fine until I saw that photo of Serious Man hugging Mom and Dad. Thanks for posting this and reminding me of what a wonderful example Mom and Dad are to us.
PS. Please e-mail me the photos of Serious Man and Pablo, since I forgot my camera.

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