Thursday, March 12, 2009

They're HOME!!!!

They're home and we're so excited! We were there when we pulled up and my little camera actually worked and let me take pictures.

The Boy went running to Grandma, but he acted a little shy after he gave out the hugs. However, after about 15 minutes he was totally attached to them. If we went somewhere or talked about going somewhere, he wanted to know if his Grandparents were going too. It was so sweet.
Look at my cute nephew pounding it. I'm bummed it's blurry. Like I've said before, anyone want to buy me the Nikon DSLR for my birthday that I'm pining for? LOL
Ok, then I have to show you this awesome thing. It totally removes hard water stains from toilets. Love it! My SIL took more pictures of the kids with their grandparents, so I will post them when she emails them to me. This weekend is the CUW Boutique at the Disneyland Hotel. Woot!


Deb said...

Where can I find the scouring need it!

Mormishmom said...

I got mine at Albertson's, but I've heard you can get it at Target and Walmart.

Melanie said...

Very sweet pictures.

Jaime said...

That thing's as big as Montana! LOL I was so bummed I couldn't come last night. Good thing I love those Young Women and I'm excited for my Bonnie hug as soon as I can get one!

Mama said...

i can't survive without that pumice stick thing. we have to have one in our home at all times. for some reason the upstairs toilet just egts the hard water gunk so bad. it's a life saver and super cheap. it's the best thing you can buy for that. also, the best cleaner i have found is lysol toilet cleaner. that works great! i have tried many different toilet bowl cleaners and i found lysol to remove the hard water stains as well but rhe pumice stone gets rid of those super tough ones and they're like two bucks each. you can get them at hardward stores too.

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