Friday, March 13, 2009

I've Got Lots to Share

It's so awesome to have Grandma and Grandpa back! We were there all day on Wednesday and then yesterday we stayed home so that I could get laundry and sewing done for a baby shower that night. Oh! At the shower my friend was bequeathed Flat Edward - hilarious! Today we went back to W-town to hang out with the family. The Boy was so excited to be there and he even got to hang out with his Grandpa while we went to the store. Fun times!

My SIL snapped this photo of The Boy and my little nephew on Wednesday.
Here are some cute pictures of The Kids with their Grandma today.
And these are the photos my other SIL took on Wednesday.

Some of you might not know that ::sigh:: I'm turning 30 in about a week. Bleh! So, to make myself feel better, I compiled a wishlist/dreamlist of gifts I've been dreaming of. I'm starting least expensive to most expensive. So, Will should pay attention to the bottom of the list:) Oh! And check out this darling invite my "cousin" made. She's being a sweetheart and throwing me a little party with from family and W-town friends.

Here's my list:

A GC to the Sweet Shoppe
Blue October's CD that comes on March 24th because it has THIS song on it.
Boo to the fact that is has a parental advisory :o)

This is the only one I don't own (in hardcover).
Ahh! My toesies would be so happy.
These are cute and comfortable.


I've wanted this for FOREVER! DDR for the XBox.
A diamond necklace would be nice. Nothing too fancy;0) I mean, I'm
30, I deserve it, right? LOL Totally just kidding. In an episode
of Real Housewives of the OC Tamra has a 40th birthday party
on a yacht and her DH gives her a diamond studded Rolex and she
says she's 40 and she deserves. I almost vomitted.

And then the big dreamer- the Nikon D90. I've started doing my research and I'm almost positive this little puppy is the one for me. Hey, a girl can dream.


Mandy said...

Hey, if you haven't used that TLP GC yet, did you see the coupon at TDD? 30% off!!

My birthday is coming way too quickly. 30...sounds soooooooo old. :)

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