Monday, March 16, 2009

Is She a Princess?

That's what The Boy asked me when I was getting The Girl dressed for church on Sunday. He thought her tutu skirt was uber cool. I must admit that she looked dang cute, but the skirt was a bit unruly to handle when you held here. However, we have to make our sacrifices for beauty, right?

The Boy got his Primary teachers back on Sunday that he had the first week and I am so glad. They think he is a riot and he thinks they are awesome, so it's the perfect match. He was a little nervous to go to Primary on Sunday and I guess just screamed and cried when Will was trying to get him to go in. I had gone to Sunday School to save us seats. Will comes in with him and says he won't go and he wants to go home. Um, I don't think so, mommy don't play that. I said, "Let's go to Primary" and I took him by the hand and we walked in. I got him settled with his teacher and then he was fine.

We went to W-town that evening for our Family Dinner Reunion. It was so good to have Mom and Dad A back. We missed them! The Boy was in hog heaven playing with all his cousins. I made jello cake for dessert and it was a big hit. I made one with orange jello and it tasted like a 50/50 bar. Yummy!

On Saturday I went to the California Utah Women Boutique with my MIL and SIL. My other SIL pulled up to the hotel the same time we did. It was kind of a dud this year, but I did find these cute hairbows!After the boutique I went with my friend to the bead store to get supplies to make The Girl a bracelet. Our boys played and we crafted. Cute, huh?
This is my newest bow creation. My oven is fixed! Woot! So I can get back to baking more ribbon. Will fiddle it, removed a part, tested the part, drove all over Orange County, found out the part wasn't broken, put it back in and the oven started working. Crazy!

Doesn't she look cute? Look at those cheeks!
Here is the whole ensemble!

I made her pose with me.
Here's another one after I put her out of her misery and took the poofs off.
She was still mad at me.

I'm so excited for Saturday! It's a big day - (1) It's my birthday, I'm gonna party like it's my birthday (2) I have a baby shower (3) I have an open house welcome back party for my inlaws (4) I have my birthday party! So fun!!! Also, I just found out today that New Moon the Movie will be coming out on November 20. Woot! You have to go the THIS website. It is pretty hilarious. Check out the Pocket Edward posts.


Mandy said...

Those bows...I just can't bring myself to make them/make my babies wear them. Maybe I'll feel differently if/when I have #3. Ha!!

How's your P365 coming along?

Lauren said...

CUTEST flowers! I want to make some to sew onto some throw pillows!

Jaime said...

Ah, the things we put our daughters through. I hope they won't be too mean to us when we're old and senile and can't do our own hair anymore. LOL

Jaime said...

Oh, and the Pocket Edward girl, hilarious! Where do you find this stuff?

Mama said...

alright, i'm so jealous of your hotness. You're such a hot mama!

Crystal said...

SHE IS A PRINCESS!!! I want to hold her! She looks so so so adorable!

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