Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm Behind

Way behind.
We've had so much fun the past month or so,
but I haven't written about any of it.
Since my inlaws left on a mission, I need to be better
about posting and writing.

My goal is three days a week.
I can do it!

Here's a little catch up.

We started our first t-ball season.
We love it.
Well, the two games a week is sometimes a little much.
but The Boy loves it.
No complaints.
He's always excited to get out there and play.

We wore festive wear for St. Pat's Day.

We're all about matchy festive wear whenever we can.
It's crazy.
I know.
But I love it.

She got tired of me taking her picture.

So I switched back to this guy.
He loves to have his picture taken.
I love his face.

Sweet Shot Day

Then, since she wants to do everything her brother does,
she wanted her picture taken again :)

I love her little face too.

We also had a pro photo shoot with my friend Sylvia.
The pictures are amazing.
I'll definitely be sharing those soon.
If you're an OC local and are looking for a fab photog,
I will hook you up with her.

The winner of the CSN Stores giveaway is #2 ashley!!
You have 72 hours to email me at
funkypolkadotgiraffe at gmail dot com
and claim your prize!!!


Mandy said...

I hope you are serious about the OC photographer. I'm going to need updated beach pictures this summer.

You have such cute kiddos. I just love their smiles! See you this week.

Laura said...

Oh your kids are so cute. THe BOy in his uniform is awesome.

Ocean Soul said...

Awwwww, she came around thanks to a wonderful example set by her big brother. So sweet!

Jaime said...

How did I miss this post? Well, the boy gave you some awesome smiles! And the girl is like my girl, super cute, and always sassy. ;)

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