Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why, Yes I Do!

My friend Jaime asked me today-
Do you have grandparents?
And I said -
Why, yes I do. And they are quite fantastic.
I just posted about them back in May.

So, I came to the blog and tried to find the post.
Um, I never posted the conclusion to our Utah trip back in May!

One of the reasons we went to Utah
was to see my two baby brothers - who happen to be twins -graduate from Utah State.
We decided to pop up to Idaho first and visit my mom's parents.
We had a fabulous time.
We played with the toys I played with when I was a kid.
We had lunch at Craigo's.
We had lovely conversation.
My Grandparents are awesome.

The next day we headed to Logan for graduation.
My awesome Aunt C offered to keep The Boy during graduation.
It was a blessing!
It was long!
Especially the 2nd ceremony -
the dean lady was on crack.

Ceremony #1 was uneventful and quite quick.
Here's my little/big brother's proud wifey.
The Girl was hopped up on fruit snacks.

The is how Uncle Tea felt about the whole thing.

Now only 5 more years of grad school :)This is my cute Nana giving my little sister a big hug.
She's always given great - strong hugs.

After an hour break Uncle Tea was up.

His proud wifey and baby.

This is how Will and The Girl spent the 2nd ceremony.
And I was SO glad The Boy stayed with my Aunt C.

My mom and I made them candy leis.
It was fun.
But don't Google for instructions like we did.
Just use common sense.
Or else you get videos like this that go on
to infinity telling you things you already know
and don't zoom out so you can see the entire project.
Happy Family!
Now onto 10 more years of med school!

After the ceremonies we gathered at a park for a little shindig.
My Aunt got this cutie cake.
Love the tiny grad cap.

This is The Boy's new BFF - my cousin K.
My family has an obsession with the "k" sound for girls.
I start with a K, my sister is a C, and my baby sister is McK that we shorten to K.
My cousins are K and C.
I remember once when we were all together with my Aunt M
and she couldn't get the right name out for the life of her.
So she just shouted - Who ever you are, get over here!
It was awesome.

My Dad - grilling up the burgers - his specialty.

My dad's dad.
He's the quiet joker.

My dad's parents - the Disneyland lovers.
Come visit us :)

The Boy with his BFF.
The Girl - refusing to take any pictures.
She has done quite the 180 over the past few months.

My mom's sister - the fantastic Aunt C.

My mom and dad.

Have some cake graduate - you deserve it.


Kikal said...

I love our family! Thanks for posting pictures!

Ashley Sisk said...

You look like you have such a fun family - these are great photos.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Love love the pictures!!

Jaime said...

So great!! Love to have faces to put with all those names. :)

Sheri said...

Looks like a fun time and a great family.

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