Tuesday, September 07, 2010

OC Foodie Fest - Holla!

I am FINALLY posting about the OC Foodie Fest.
I was lucky enough to win tickets from Roaming Hunger
(won with these pictures of the fam eating Longboards)
and Victor Caballero.
(won with a Tweet!)
I was so thrilled!
I wasn't too keen on dropping $24 to then
pay more $$$$ to eat all the yummy food.

So, Will and I went on a date -
which didn't turn out to be much of a date :)
and my friends used the other 2 tickets.

Will served his mission in Brazil for 2 years
and so he really wanted to try the food from Ta Bom.
By the time we got there after he finished up work,
the lines were INSANE!
So he hopped in line at Ta Bom
and I headed over to Oh For Sweets Sake!

This was as close as I got to our friends' truck :(
It was cra-zay!
I didn't want to take yummy goodness from those
that wouldn't otherwise have the chance,
so I skipped waiting in this line.

I found Oh for Sweets Sake and their line was totally reasonable!
I had tried the Lemon Drop when they were
at the corner of Teller in Irvine for lunch one day,
but I wanted to try the Almond Joy.

These were the trucks behind me - see the lines??

While I waited for my cupcake I pondered where to go next . . .I saw these girls walk by with extremely tasty looking fries,
so I resolved to find them.

In no time, I had my Almond Joy and red velvet (for Will)
in hand and was off to find the fries.
Will was still waiting at Ta Bom.
At this point, I don't even think he had ordered yet.

I figured out the tasty fries came from
THIS truck.
While I was in line I pondered whether or not to eat my Almond Joy.

I decided to eat it :)

The sun was out and the frosting was going limp,
so I think it was the only decision to be made.

After about 30ish minutes I got these tasty things!
They were sweet potato fries topped with Nutella and peanut butter.

At this point, Will is still waiting for his food.
My hands are full so I head over to his neck of the woods
to collect my Guarana and have a seat.
Will waited, and waited and waited.

He got his food.
1 hour and almost 45 minutes laters.
It was the only line he waited in.

We were supposed to spend the day together.
Instead we spent it standing in separate lines.
We did get to eat the Brazilian food and share the fries together at the end.

It was pure yumminess!

We had coxinhas.

A banana pastel -
which is banana/Nutella yumminess.

After it was all over - we'd wished we'd gotten there earlier.
We wished we'd ordered more food from Ta Bom.
I wished I would've had a Longboard and tried
Red Velvet pancakes from the Buttermilk truck.
We wished we could've hung out more.
We wished the Grilled Cheese truck would've been there.

But we were still all smiles -
cuz the food we did get to try was AWESOMESPICE!

In the end, I'm so glad I got to go,
but I'm so glad I won tickets and didn't pay $24 to wait in long lines.
Holla! to Roaming Hunger and Victor Caballero!

By the time we left - around 5:30 - most of the trucks were out of a majority
(if not all) of their food and it was supposed to go to 7:00.
There were were quite a few disgruntled patrons -
I just think they didn't anticipate how WILDLY POPULAR
the Foodie Fest was going to be.

We'll see what adjustments are made for next year -
perhaps FREE admission or $5 admission.
More trucks? 2 days?
And - let's have it in November and not August.
I'm just sayin' :)


Jaime said...

Thanks for the extra tix!! And amen to free admission!!

Kirbell said...

Yum! I just have to say that you are awesome at taking awesome pics of yourself!

Cherish said...

Fries and nutella? I would never have dreamed of such a thing, but you can't go wrong with nutella.

T-Fam said...

Awesome! Looks like so much fun. I want your cupcake.

ANGiE said...

I've yet to experience any of these "food truck fests" so I thoroughly enjoyed your description and will be prepared for when I do! Thanks so much for pimpin' Longboards so much for us. It's loyal fans like you that keep our truck movin' and hopin'. Not to worry, once we are settled we can just bribe you to visit us at our place with FREE Longboards! :)

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