Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lightning, Swimming Pools, and Giant Cows - Oh, my!

We tried going to the pool on Wednesday,
but the lightning rolled in just as we pulled up to the pool
and they never even opened.

Thursday we did adventures in Moab,
so on Friday we decided to try the pool again.
The sky was gorgeous and blue and we thought -
this will be perfect!
So we suit up, load the car, and take the 10 minute drive
to the next town where the cool new pool is.
And no joke, there is one giant black cloud
rolling across the sky directly toward the pool.

We decide to try anyway.
We get there and the pool is open for business.
We play and play - all the while watching the dark cloud
creep closer and closer.

The kids loved the place!
The Boy did the slide and the diving board.
He really liked the diving board until he belly flopped.
The he came up screaming - "That hurt my tummy!"
and he wanted nothing to do with it anymore.

All the while there was thunder,
but no lightning.
They had 2 lifeguards specifically assigned to sit
and watch the storm.
All of the sudden - after about an hour -
you see this GIANT bolt of lightning and the whistles
start blowing, the water works get turned off,
and they are shouting OUT OF THE POOL!

It was actually perfect timing
because the kids were getting tired and hungry.
So as soon as they shouted OUT OF THE POOL
I bolted for the concession stand.
I was first in line, grabbed some food,
and sat at the picnic table to eat.
They have to wait 1/2 hour from the last lightning strike
to reopen, well, it kept lightning
and we were convinced they weren't going to be able to open again.

This picture shows the crazy cloud coming in and taking
over the gorgeous blue sky.On the way home we stopped at the Butcher
and picked up meat and cheese for dinner.
My baby brother
(who is like 6 inches taller than me)
and his cute wife came into town about the time
we were leaving the pool.
He had requested that I make Monte Cristo sandwiches.
So I did.

They were super tasty.
Everyone enjoyed them :)

In non-related Summer Road Trip 2010 news,
I won a giant cow!
The ChickfilA peeps over at the 2 locations
by my home had a Facebook contest to tell why you are

I wrote:
I'm your biggest raving fan because we adore Chick-fil-A and eat there ALL THE TIME- especially The District location - it has FANTASTIC customer service! We come to almost every single event and dress up like cows and whisper secret words and chug the Diet Lemonade like champs. When I ask my kids what they want for dinner they shout - CHICK-FIL-A!
They declared me a HUGE RAVING FAN
and gave me this HUGE COW!
It's awesome.
One of the best parts of the whole experience
is when they declared me the winner and posted my entry
my friend commented:
"I know Mormishmom and I know this to be true!"



Cherish said...

Love the giant cow!

The Titmi said...

Well. . . it is isn't it? :)

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