Friday, August 06, 2010

Adventures in Moab

During our Utah Road Trip Summer Vacation of 2010
we stopped in Moab
to visit one of my most awesome friends from college
that I was lucky to get as a roommate during my BYU days.

She's been a river guide in Moab for 8 seasons now
and this is her last, so we wanted to stop in a visit.
She took us to the Moab Diner
and I had the Kokopelli Chicken Sandwich -
hello green chile yumminess!

She has a giant dog named Tonka.
The thought he was the coolest dog evah!

The Girl was not as sure.

My little sister was in heaven.

Then we headed to Arches
and hiked the The Windows.
The Boy beat me there.
(But he wasn't carrying The Girl.)

The Girl even did some of her own hiking around.

This chick seriously rocks.
We love her guts!

There are lots of interestingly dressed people in Moab.
I wanted to take several pictures of people while we were in town.
So, I finally broke down and snapped a picture of this woman.
She had on a gold lame (as in la-may) swimsuit,
red shorts, giant red earrings, and she was carrying
a leather fringe purse.

However, someone could have taken a picture
of me that day because I was wearing sneakers and a skirt.

It was so gorgeous that day.
The sky was amazing.
The lighting was fabulous on the rocks
and the temps weren't too out of control.

It was hard work for The Boy toward the end of the "hike"
and he was done and wanted WATER!
Luckily my friend is skilled in the ways
of cranky young children and she
helped him get back to the parking lot.

It was a fantastic visit and I hope we get to see her again soon!
There was another awesome summer storm that followed us home.
Oh! I almost forgot!
On our way out of town I Googled "cupcake"
and found Crystal's Cakes and Cones.
It was a cute little shop and just what we needed for our ride home.
They didn't have a big variety, but they did have red velvet.
So I grabbed one of those
and 3 cups of rainbow sherbet ice cream (for the kids)
and we were on our way.

The kids (and my sister) were ecstatic when I came out with ice cream.
The Girl was so happy she got her own.
She made a total mess, but was in heaven, so it was worth it.
We got stopped at road construction about 10 minutes outside of Moab,
so we got her cleaned up.
I wish I had taken a picture of her covered in rainbow sherbet.
It was awesome.

The trip home (well, my parents' home) was without incident
and we all shared a bite of the tasty red velvet cupcake!

Coming tomorrow . . . adventures with swimming and lightning storms.


Mandy said...

Oh, I love Arches! Reading this makes me want to take my kids there. And maybe stop for a cupcake. :)

Laura said...

Oh how I miss Utah and the Amazing Arches. I'm with Mandy I want to take my kids there. Hey maybe will can all meet there.

Kenna said...

So much fun! I'm so glad you guys came! Next time, the other boy will have to come too! You guys are awesome!

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