Saturday, August 14, 2010

Adventures in Utah County

We spent one day of our 2010 Summer Road Trip in Utah County.
We met my cousin at a local city water park.
It was so much fun!
It had a lazy river, a big slide, a pirate ship,
a wave rider thingamajiggy and a regular pool with lap lanes.
Oh, and a kiddie pool and hot tub.

The kids loved it.
The Boy even went down the big slide with my sister.

The Girl liked the baby floatie next to us.

After the water park, my mom picked us up,
and we met my brother and his wife for lunch.

The Girl was refusing to smile.
So Big Mike talked to her in a Cookie Monster voice.
That got a smile.

But as soon as he stopped, back to stone face.

We stopped at The Chocolate on our way back to my mom's.

It's a cute little "dessert cafe" that has cupcakes - of course!
We got the Babycakes.
They were the perfect size.
We tried - Chocolate with Caramel, Chocolate Vanilla, Lemon Curd, and Pineapple Coconut.
The Chocolate Caramel was my favorite
and then Lemon Curd & Pineapple competing for 2nd place.

The Girl like the Lemon tup-take.

The Boy does not share my love of all thing cupcake.
He prefers chocolate chip cookies.

When we got home my oldest younger brother and his family
were there, so we got one more play date in before they left town.
I haven't seen him in over a year, so it was awesomespice
to have him in town.
The Girl loved them.


The M&M MacArthur Family said...

I did not realize you were THAT close to me :(
I have driven by that Chocolate place a million times since I've been here!!!
Is that the new Lindon pool???Someone was teeling us we should check it out instead of going to Seven Peaks....


Kikal said...

I'm fairly certain that that picture of the girl and russell is actually just you and dad.

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