Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventures at Walmart and other Randomness

So, in my parents' town, Walmart is pretty much it.
If you need something, you get it at Walmart
or you wait until you go up North and get it at Target.
(or if you're my mom, you order it from QVC
True story. If I say to my mom,"That's cool, where did you get it?"
chances are the answer is - QVC. I don't know why I ask. And the answer
is NEVER Walmart. She avoids that place like the plague.)

These are some adventures I had during my many trips to Walmart.

I followed these two girls around with my camera phone
trying to capture the awesomeness that was their outfits.

The Girl got to ride Pumba.
Then clutched it screaming when the ride was over and I said it was time to go home.

I found this shirt there!
There isn't a ChickfilA within like 80 miles of the place.

Now onto randomness.

My mom made a peach pie.
The Boy ate the peaches and left the crust.
The Girl at the crust and left the peaches.

The Girls had a water fight.

We went to a third water park.

The Boy was too short for this slide.
So I went down it instead.TThis is The Girl's favorite position at a water park.

The thunderstorms went away
and the blue skies were beautiful.

And the sunsets were spectacular.

Next up: adventures in getting home or if you bring a GPS and decide to use it,
then trust what it tells you instead of thinking you know where you're going in Las Vegas
because you lived there 20 years ago


Mandy said...

Jealousssssssss of your ChickFilA shirt. Can't wait to hear about your Vegas adventure. :)

Kikal said...

Give me that peach PIE!!!!!!

Sisterlisa said...

We went to a water park this summer and loved it. I wish there was one where I live. The sun photos are gorgeous.

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