Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a Few Things

I helped with the food for my friend's baby shower and I decided at the last minute to make cupcakes. But I didn't want them to be boring, so I printed out some digi party supplies and cuted these little cupcakes up.

I had already given her most of her baby shower gift "early" because her water broke on her original baby shower date and it was canceled. So I took it over to her when the baby came home from the hospital. However, I didn't get this finished and so I brought it to the shower that night.We've had 3 days of rain and yesterday was WILD. It's been fun to have a little bit of weather around this place. I made a GORGEOUS car seat canopy for a baby shower last night and I forgot to take a picture of it. I'm kicking myself. It was just the combo of the fabrics and I thought it was awesome. Lame.

On Saturday we went to building cleaning with Will and The Boy's Sunbeam teacher from last year was there. He was so excited. This is how he greeted him, "Thanks for being a great teacher for me!" and he gave him a hug. It was darling.


Jaime said...

Super cute wipie case!

The Titmi said...

I am kickin you too- I want to see pics!!

Laura said...

your cupcakes look fantastic. I'm sure that they taste good too.

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