Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

First things first! The Girl is healthy. Phew.

Most of you are in the dark - I know. Sorry.

Last week The Girl had her one year check up. They did a blood draw - which was awful in and of itself - to test for lead and anemia.

Then, it got even more awful when her pediatrician called on Thursday morning as I was getting The Boy ready to go to preschool and in the hullabaloo that is our Thursday morning - and I'm hiding in The Girl's room in the dark to get some quiet so I can hear what she is saying - and she says:

I'm a little concerned because her platelet count is low.

And my stomach drops.

And my mind races.

She says:

I'd like to have her in a week to test it again and make sure it isn't dropping.
Now I don't want you to lose sleep over this.


I say ok and hang up.

My mind is still racing. My stomach feels sick. But there is no time.
The Boy has to get to school. They all need breakfast. I need to pack a lunch.

There's no time to figure out what this all means.

So I round 'em all up and move 'em all out and when I get home I sit down
and turn to good old Google.

Google is evil. Very, very evil.

For when I Googled "what causes low platelet count" I got


and out of all of that all I saw was

Cancers of the bone marrow and blood (leukemia) or cancers of the lymph nodes (lymphoma) can cause various degrees of thrombocytopenia.

Srsly. Google is EVIL.

I texted my brother in law that is in DO school in Florida and he told me
it could be caused by several things, but that it's worrisome when it's low
because it affects blood clotting.

Mind racing. Stomach sick. Tears streaming.

So, then I decide to turn Google into a force for good and start researching
foods that help with platelet count.

Leafy green vegetables.
(1 year olds really love those)



So I got busy. We got some Naked Juice Green Machine and some blueberries.
I never got the tomatoes.

She pounded Green Machine and blueberries like a champ.

We prayed. She had a blessing. We prayed some more.

I stopped Googling anything that had to do with low platelet count and trusted in the Lord.

Our prayers were answered today when I called the pediatrician's office for the 2nd time (that's a whole other story) and the RECEPTIONIST! (not the doctor or the nurse)
read me the results.

Platelet count normal.

I am truly blessed.

Tonight we went to a goodbye party for a family in our ward.

They are such a darling family and we will miss them. Will and I were their son's primary teachers in 2008 and The Boy goes to preschool with their daughter.

He's enamored with her really.

And she's srsly darling.

So he wanted to make her a card.

(he told me he drew her beautiful pink cheeks)

And they got their picture taken together.

See - darling.And she does have beautiful pink cheeks.

I made some pina colada cupcakes for the occasion


I love rum flavoring.

Good thing I don't drink. I'd be a lush.
View from up top.

This is the car seat canopy I made that matched the wipe case in the previous post.

I'm going to recreate the one I didn't take a picture of because I loved it so much.

This one is a close second because it's gorgeously red.I emailed my friend and asked her to snap a picture of hers because I forgot.

So, if I've made you a car seat canopy and you read my blog, will you please send me a picture of yours too? Pretty please.

We are washing away here in SoCal. It's pretty awesome. I love it.

I know that most everyone else wants to to go away.

I need some weather every once a while down here in perfect weather land.

I wouldn't mind some snow.


Niki said...

So glad The Girl is ok! How scary!! Yeah for blueberries and green juice and most of all for blessings and prayer. :}

Kenna said...

Glad she's ok! How scary! Glad you made it through!! :)

Kirbell said...

Kyla, you're too dang creative and good at gettin' it done!! Wow! I'm glad Girl is okay and Boy is so funny!! Good thing you got a pic of the card before it got nailed by the spilled water.

Mandy said...

Whew! I'm glad she's okay. How scary to go through that. Never, ever turn to Google for medical questions. I've learned that the hard way, too!!

Davis Family said...

i was with you on thursday night and you said nothing to me! how horrible! clad she's doing good and all is fine.having a sick kid would be the absolute worst thing in life. and yes let's get together.

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, I'm glad everything worked out well. I had no doubts. Very cute cover. Very cute cupcakes. Love you lots!

Cory said...

Glad everything s okay with her. I would be freaking out too if I read that stuff online! Scary!!

T-Fam said...

yum I want some of those cupcakes. You should tell me the recipe. :)

Syd said...

Whew, what a relief that the girl is okay. You are an amazing mom. I miss you tons!

AW said...

I think Adrienne needs a skirt or something made out of that material...where did you buy it from?

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