Monday, January 18, 2010

California Adventures

A couple of Mondays ago we went to Disneyland with Aunt H.

We started a California Adventure because Disneyland looked super busy.

We went to Toy Story Mania first.

LOVE that ride.

Then Aunt H is the ride that shoots you straight up in the air and drops you down.

I tried to get The Boy on a little roller coaster.

But he refused.

So he went on the Jumpin' Jellyfish with Aunt H.

The Girl just hung out.The Boy liked it so much they did it again.

He was a little braver this time.
I guess the ride attendant thought The Boy was cute because she gave
him a pass to ride any ride he wanted without waiting in line.

After stopping at the tortilla and bread factories we headed to Disneyland to
ride It's a Small World Holiday.

There were 3-5 characters in the front of the park with huge lines.

Goofy was all alone.

So we took a picture with him.

Disneyland was NUTS and the line for Small World was 45 minutes.

We were glad we had our pass :)

Then we went home.


Jaime said...

Okay, seriously, how do you get it to snow on your pictures?

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