Saturday, October 03, 2009

I said HEY! what's going on!

Does anyone have the 4 Non Blondes song in their head now? LOL We've had another busy week and I just haven't felt like downloading pictures, so I haven't posted, because I really don't like reading posts with out pictures. My brain starts to turn off. I don't even care if the pictures relate to the post - I just need something to break it up! The following picture is one I took a few weeks ago, but I forgot to post it. They kids wore their matchy-matchy Easter clothes and I needed to take a picture of their darling faces.Here's a little bit about our week and I'm really going to try for at least 3 posts next week.

Monday - Nada mucho. I did a 3.5 mile run at 6am and I can't really remember the rest of the day. Oh! I made lots and lots of bows. It was fun!

Tuesday - I did 30 minute cross at 6am. I took The Boy to preschool. I came home and put The Girl down for a nap. Fifteen minutes later my girlfriend called and asked if I still wanted to go to the craft wholesale place. DOH! I totally spaced it. Luckily she was able to salvage her day and go to Disneyland. That afternoon The Boy and I decorated for Halloween. Awesome!

Wednesday - Wasn't supposed to be my rest day, but I slept in and so I converted it to my rest day. I got the kids ready, waited for Baby T and then took off for Disneyland once she got here. My cousin was supposed to meet me there, but she ran into some snags and came a little later than we planned. When I told The Boy they might not make it in time, he exclaimed, "No! I need her!" LOL It was hilarious.

The Boy was a champ about walking all over the place while the girls rode in the stroller. I'm sure I was quite the sight for everyone, especially when we went into the Haunted Mansion to check out The Nightmare Before Christmas and both The Boy and Baby T started crying in the elevator because they packed it too tight and it was kind of freaky. The Girl was unaffected by it all.
Captain Hook joined us for lunch. When I saw him coming over I said, "Look, Captain Hook is coming over." The Boy looked over his shoulder and said to me, "Stop saying that!" I said, "But he is coming over." He whispered, "Stop saying that to me." I think he was a little nervous, but he was fine once Captain Hook sat down and started checking out his map.

Baby T was not impressed.
I love the Haunted Mansion through the holidays!

When my cousin got to the parks we headed over and met them at California Adventure. The Boy had begged to go to Bug's Land - so we did. We all rode rides and had a good time. I was so proud of The Boy leaving the park without any fuss. On the way out, we stopped to take pictures of Candy Corn Acres. He loved posing with all the different kinds of candy corn "plants".

Wednesday night Will had a work obligation so Aunt H came over to watch the kids so I could teach the Laurels how to make candy corn and pumpkin hair clips. We had a fun time chatting and burning ourselves with the glue gun.

Thursday - I woke up feeling icky - really icky. So, I decided not go so that I'd be rested for my long run on Saturday. I took The Boy to preschool and decided to ixsnay plans I had because I was feeling yucky poo poo. The Girl napped and Baby T played while I tried to feel better. That night was Enrichment, but I was feeling weird, so I decided not to go and infect the rest of the population.

Friday - I did a 30 minute cross train a little later than normal, but I still squeezed it in. I had arranged a babysitting swap with a friend so I could go to the wholesale place with my other friend. However, she had to back out because her kids were sick, so I seized the day and cashed in a pedicure gift certificate from back in 2004! It was awesome and totally needed. My feet were ICKY! The last time I had them taken care of was this time last year. Ahhhhh. I picked up the kids (no Baby T today) and my friend's little boy so she could go on lunch date and took them all to park day.

Today - I got up SUPER early and went to the gym to do my long run. I wanted to do it outside, but Will had to clean the building this morning and I knew if I didn't do it before he left, it wouldn't get done. It freaks me out too much to run when it's dark, so I decided to do it at the gym. FIVE MILES BABY! I'm pretty excited. Will took off with The Boy to the church when I got home. I got The Girl fed and then we headed over to the building to help out. I really just took over The Boy duty so Will could help clean too.

Toward the end I was sitting with the 2nd counselor and his wife waiting for Will to come back and this man comes walking out of the cultural hall escorting a tear stained Boy and carrying the push broom he had taken with him. The nice man told me, "He said his mommy was lost." I guess he had left the chapel where Will was (we have 2) in protest when he got in trouble for playing on the stand, but then he got lost and didn't know how to get back to Will or myself because he ended up on the opposite side of the building. Our building is so weird and very confusing, so I'm glad he didn't go outside and get even more lost.

We watched Conference, attempted Conference Bingo, ate bagels and lazied around. Will went to Priesthood and The Boy and I made cookies. Yum! Now, see all this text and no pictures??? I'll leave you with this . . .


Crystal said...

I wish they did Halloween at Disneyworld!! It looks like sooo much fun and Daisy LOVES Nightmare before Christmas. Maybe we'll just hop on a plane and come see you :)

Mandy said...

Cute blog make over. I need to quit being lazy and spend the time to make multi layered backgrounds and add shadows.

Somewhere I have a picture of the boy and Maggie in front that Mickey Pumpkin. I was 7.5 months pregnant. Good times. :)

Laura said...

OH cute blog makeover!!! I love all the Disney fun. Oh how I wish we could make a visit. And yes I have the 4 non blonds song in my head.

Kenna said...

Mmmmm. . .I miss your cooking. That last picture wasn't fair! I want to eat every single one of those fabulous cookies!

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