Sunday, October 04, 2009

Conference Weekend Haircut

Yesterday between Conference sessions we gave The Boy a haircut. He really doesn't like them, but I told him if he didn't cry at all he could have an Otter Pop when we were done. He did so well. Well, that was until Will came down to fix my fade job and took off the attachment to clip around his ears. Well, the little guy moved and got his ear nicked. Then, the tears flowed freely. LOL But he still got his popsicle because I would cry if my ear got nicked :)


Cindy said...

Looks great!! I am too scared to do Parkers hair....I take him to the barbar.....but, I cut Ben's hair.

Parker cries and moves areound too much when I tried to do it.....maybe when he gets a little older he will sit still for me..

Maybe I will try an Otter Pop!!??!

amyminette said...

Hey I'm trying to make a mosaic collage with 14 different pictures. Do you know of a program to use that will auto format the collage (like picasa or costco), but then allow me to choose which picture goes where in the collage?

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