Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Week

Here's a the down low on last week:

Monday - We went to my MIL's house and she helped me drape my Halloween costume project for the kids' fun costume. I got it draped, pinned and all ready to go, however I still haven't sewed :) The Boy got to go to lunch all by himself with his Grandpa and he loved it.

Tuesday - I was supposed to go to a silk flower supply place with my friend, but we had to move it back a week due to various circumstances and so we went swimming with them instead. The Boy went to preschool (which he LOVES!) and then we headed over for a swim. That night I had a baby shower, so I spent the afternoon frantically sewing up a baby shower gift and making a dessert to share. However, I started the lemon bars too late, so the middle was still warm when I needed to cut them, so I only took the outside edges that had firmed up, so my plate was small. Sad!

Wednesday - I was supposed to get my hair cut, but that fell through, so we went to Music Makers and I picked up a beautiful mandevilla plant from my friend that is ::sniff:: moving to Texas. That afternoon The Boy went to a birthday at Pump it Up with out me! I was so scared, but the girls were napping and he needs a little more freedom, so I sent him with another friend. He had an awesome time and was fairly well behaved :) He did have a little spat with one of the older boys, but he controlled his little temper pretty well. My friend said she was proud of him and The Boy told me, "The boy was bossing me, but Sister F talked to him. She's the only one that can talk to kids when they're bossing." LOL That night I had the YW over for a pool party and it was a nice evening.
Can you tell she's trying to escape?
"Get back over here and pretend you love it!"
Thursday - The Boy went to preschool in the morning and then I picked him up and we headed to my friend V's house for a playdate. The kids played well, we got to chat, and life is good. I also snapped these funny pictures of The Girl sporting The Boy's hat.

Friday - We went to park day and it was HOT! Our Stake started a Stake Park Day once a month and I'm very excited about it. Now I'll be able to see all my friends in one place. Awesome. We considered getting a pie from Marie Calendar's that night, but since I'm not eating pie and Will didn't really feel like going to get it, we decided against the idea :) The Boy was disappointed, but was consoled with a go-gurt.

Saturday - I did my 4 mile run! Woot! It's my 2nd 4-miler and next week I have to move up to 5 miles and I'm a little nervous about that. However, I really like the training program that I'm using and he says that walk if you need to. Repeat a week if you don't feel comfortable moving on. I've got about 3 extra weeks between now and my 1/2 marathon, so I'm feeling good about having a little give room. After my run I got ready and took The Boy to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It is one of my favorite children's books and so I was excited to see it. The first showing of the day on Saturdays is at a discounted price, so I took The Boy and Will stayed home with a sleeping baby girl. It was super cute and The Boy really enjoyed it. Now we can't wait until Where the Wild Things Are! During afternoon naptime I did a Costco run while Will worked from home. That evening we had a our babysitting swap with our friends and so we dropped off the kids and headed to TGI Friday's for our $5 Jack Daniels sandwich. It was SO yummy! Afterward we went to Walmart to pick up some necessities and then picked the kids up around 8:30. It was so nice to get out and I'm excited we're going to try and do it once a month. However, my cutie friend is like 6 months pregnant, so she might not be up to it for too much longer.
Sunday - was Sunday :) We went to church and I had a week off from teaching because a member of the Bishopric taught the Laurels. We had family dinner with Will's family and we were in charge. So Saturday night before we went to bed I put the pork loin roast on to slow cook and turn into delicious sweet pork for tacos. Our home teacher came over before we left and visited for a little bit. Dinner was super yummy - especially my MIL's tasty rice! - and The Boy was in heaven playing with his cousins and The Girl adored all the attention she got from the other family members.
This week isn't looking as busy, so that will be nice. I have a ton of bows to make today because I didn't get any made this weekend because things were too crazy. I also want to get some sewing projects done and make one trip Disneyland because it's supposed to cool off this week.


Mandy said...

I wish you were around to help me sew Halloween costumes. :)

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