Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Post

Last night Will walked in about 45 minutes later than he said he'd be, but all was forgiven (I wasn't actually mad, I'm used to it by now) when I saw this. Oh yeah! I've had a silent craving for one of these puppies for the last few weeks now, but I was being really diligent and avoiding the urge to drive 20 minutes and get one. We can thank JDM for curing my craving. Ahhhh. The Boy was so excited and quickly claimed the strawberry one. He sucked the frosting right off the top, ate a few bites of cake and then left the rest for us. LOL He leaves scraps quite often - after he's eaten the best part - like the crust of a sandwich or the remnants of a tortilla from a quesadilla, and then he'll say, "Would you like the last bite?" Ha!

The Girl was up EARLY this morning (we're talking 4:45 early). I let her work it out until 5am, then I went in and gave her the pluggy, but she was WIDE awake. However I gave her 10 more minutes and she still wasn't having it. So I went back in a gave her the pluggy and sat for a second, went to the bathroom, and by then it was 5:20 and she was still mad. So, I put her in bed with me, but since she was so close, you know what she could smell and therefore wanted. So I nursed her and she fell asleep, but not until after she ate on both sides. I tried to just nurse on one, but she would have none of that. So by now it's 6am and I'm wide awake and my arm is falling asleep. So I slip my arm out and get out of bed and finish this up . . .
No, he wasn't awake yet, but I had it finished by the time he got up at 7am. He makes a good model, huh? I think I'm going to add an animal to it. What do you think? The giraffe or the monkey? I think the monkey's coloring matches the red hat better. These are the ideas I came up with when searching etsy for inspiration.I'll leave off the bow.


Laura said...

The hat is adorable. You made that? I'm super impressed!!!

Laura said...

one more thing if you have a pattern can you sent it my way. It is just so stinking cute!!!

Mandy said...

Definitely the MONKEY! Those cupcakes look way to pretty to eat!

How's your 5K training going? You didn't bottom out on me, did you? Are we still on for DL?

Melanie said...

Oh my that a monkey hair bow?????

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