Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's Wednesday and I'm blogging! It's a miracle, I know. The first thing I wanted to do was elaborate on our experience with the free Port of Long Beach port tour. From April until October the POLB is offering free 90 narrated tours of port. I found out about it on Daytripping Mom and signed up immediately because they fill up fast and you have to book like 2 months in advance. Well, I forgot about the tour until 3 days before it was supposed to happen and I only remembered because they called to confirm our reservation. I also had it in my phone calendar, but that wasn't due to remind me until 2 hours before the day of the tour.

Our tour was at 10am, so we left our house around 9am and reached the parking lot about 9:45. It says to report to Dock 9 for the tour and it would adjacent to the Lighthouse Restaurant. Sounds clear enough, right? However, adjacent in which direction? There was my downfall. We start walking toward all the boats on the docks that are adjacent from the BACK of the restaurant because it looks like that is the only place boats can be docked. However, we notice pretty quickly that the docks are LETTERED and not NUMBERED. AHHHHHH! So, I'm running down this walkway hoping that the letters will magically and suddenly turn into numbers. Well, they don't and when I get to letter M, I figure I've gone far enough. So, I start running back the direction I came from, hoping someone will appear that I can ask.

By this time it's 9:56, The Boy is freaking out and Will is telling him we aren't going to make the boat ride. He starts crying, "We are going on a boat! Mommy said we're going on a boat!" I'm running frantically and I see two guys standing on their boat and yell, "Can you tell me where dock 9 is?" They tell me that don't know and that all these docks are lettered. ARGGHH!!!! Will yells up to me that The Girl has pooped through her clothes and I'm like GREAT!

So, I run toward the restaurant and figure I can ask someone there if they know where Dock 9 is, since these tours have been going on for 2 months now. As I crest the hill up to the restaurant I see that there is another harbor on the other side!!! that is hidden from view when you are set down in the parking lot. I come running to the dock (DOCK 9) like a maniac and see that they are getting ready to push off. The tour people on the top of the boat yell, "Come on! We're getting ready to leave!" I am so flustered that I yell back, "Just one minute, I have to go get my mom." LOL I run back and holler for Will and The Boy to come on and FAST!

We get onto the boat just in the nick of time and the tour guide/boat man tells me that my name is very pretty. That calmed my nerves a little. As we plop down in our seats Will tells me that that when I went running off and The Boy couldn't see me anymore he just sat down and cried, "My mom left me!" What an adventure.

The funny (or not so funny) thing is that as we were walking toward the first harbor, Will says, "I wonder if there is another harbor in the front of the restaurant?" We should have split up at that point and checked it out. Oh well. The clothes for The Girl were in the trunk of the car, so she took the tour au naturale and loved every minute of it. What a riot.

I wanted to show you my newest crafting obsession. My mother in law made one of these for The Girl and so I decided to try my hand at it. Then I saw that other Etsy people had embellished with a flower and so I Googled and found a tutorial and made one. Then, I decided the flower needed something in the middle, so I Googled again and found a tutorial for a crocheted button. I think it's so cute! I think when I do the next one I'll do the flower in a different color to add some contrast. I'm working on a red one (sans flower) for The Boy right now. I'm thinking of adding a felt giraffe or maybe a monkey to it. Fun!


Mandy said...

SUCH a cute hat, girl. Stick that thing on etsy!

Jaime said...

They sold those hats at the Sugar Plum craft fair tonight for 23 dollars! Go make some money honey! LOL

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