Monday, June 08, 2009

Blogging Resolution

Ok, guys, I seriously need to start a blogging resolution to blog at least every other day or MWFS so that I don't get behind! I sit down to blog and I'm so overwhelmed with everything I want to say that I keep putting it off and then I get even more behind and it's just a vicious cycle. Awful. So here I am almost a week later with a lot to share. So since I've been keeping up with my P365 I'll just give it to you in pictures with some short captions and resolve today to be better at blogging (and let's throw in exercising!). However, remember my cord to my camera was lost, so a lot of these pictures were taken with my phone. BUT! I found the cord, so we're back in business.

We went for our first swim of the summer and it was The Girl's first swim ever. She loved it.

I finally got my car cleaned by my fabulous husband and so I added The Girl to our back windshield.
I babysat my nephews so their parents could go to the temple. They had
a bedroom picnic so that we could stay quiet so The Girl could nap.I'm in love with jacaranda trees! They're purple, what's not to love?
The Boy and The Girl love one another so much.
We went on a free boat tour of the Port of Long Beach. So fun!
The Girl wore the darling hat my mother in law made her.
The Girl is quite the novelty among her ALL BOY cousins:)
So, there you have it - our life in pictures over the past week or so. Last week was SUPER busy for me with social engagements. LOL Monday we had Ward FHE in the park (Will couldn't come), Tuesday I had book club and I went even though I hadn't even opened the book, Wednesday I went to afternoon park day and that night I went to Yogurtland with the girls sans baby, Thursday I went to our pajama party Enrichment with was UBER fun, and Friday we went to park day.

OH! which reminds me. Join with me in my boycott of the Crocs store at the Block of Orange, please. LOL I hauled 3 kids over there on Friday afternoon to pick up some shoes like mine for my mom. They were marked 9.99 (just like I had paid a few weeks ago). The price was highlighted in green and so I figured that was their way of showing a clearance price or something like that. So I get up to the cashier, he rings them and then says, that will be 23.45. Huh? So I tell him they are marked 9.99. He says, "Yeah, you see that green that means it's crossed out. The sale ended yesterday." What the? There is no other price on them. Not one covered up. No sign by them. I was thoroughly peeved. So I tell him I don't want them and I stop feeling badly that The Boy pulled the tags off of a pair of Lightning McQueen sandals that he wanted to take home with him. Wahahahaha!

The Boy has recently become obsessed with being born. He keeps saying, "When I was a baby I was born. You put me in your tummy and then I just moved on out." Yesterday he told us that The Girl has a baby brother in her tummy and when he's born then we can hold him and play with him just like we do with our baby that was born - The Girl. It's really funny to hear his logic.


Mandy said...

THE CUTEST HAT EVER! Why can't I make cute stuff like that?!

Jaime said...

That's funny he thinks there's a baby in there. Jeremy thinks that's the only reason why I would not feel well, so everytime I tell him my stomach is upset he says, "Is there a baby in there?" LOL

Jaime said...

AAAH, too many pictures I forgot all my comments! LOL So I love Jacaranda trees as well; the color is gorgeous! AND, those stickers on your car family are so cute; my favorite is the mommy!

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