Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Well, Will has fixed the oven (hallelujah!), but now my camera is broken. It's not really "broken", but the battery has died and I can't find the cord to charge it. So, my P365 is getting really tricky and all my pictures are taken on my camera phone. Not the best quality, but I gotta stick with it.

The Girl turned 5 months this weekend and I can't even believe how time is flying. She is getting so big. She rolls from back to front and front to back when she feels like it. She still has phantom teeth that haunt her every once and a while, but she is such a good natured baby. The Boy can make her giggle and laugh. They adore one another and it is so awesome. She loves her dolly and her blankies. She rubs them and pulls them to her face and attacks them. She is a fabulous sleeper and I adore her for it. For naps I love and cuddle with her til she's drowsy, lay her down, and she passes out. At bedtime I love and cuddle her, lay her down and she hangs for about 5 minutes and then puts up a fuss. I let her fuss for about 5 minutes, go in, turn her music on, hold her hand, and sit for a few minutes and she passes out. That's another thing I love, she holds hands. Well, I guess she really holds a finger with her tiny hand, but it is so adorable. She has a death grip, so once she grabs on, she doesn't let go, even if she falls asleep. You have to pry your finger out. It's adorable and it calms her down immediately. I just love her. She's a sweetie.

We had such a great weekend. I was feeling awful on Saturday morning for various non-contagious reasons, so I didn't make it to the CF Walk for my friend. I was so sad. That afternoon The Boy had a birthday party and even though I still felt awful, I had to take him because he had been talking about it for a week. He kept saying, "It's Maci's famous birthday party!" The party was freakin' awesome -excuse the Mormon slang. It was Candyland themed and it was awesome. I am so sad my camera wasn't working because I really wanted to share pictures with you. I'll see if I can round some up. Awesome.

Sunday we went to church, came home and had naps, I went to choir, and then we headed to Wtown for my nephew's birthday dinner. The Boy is in hog heaven at Grandma's house. I think he stay there and live if we let him.

Monday Baby T was back after a 3 week hiatus - we were in Utah, she was on vacation, then she got sick. The Boy was so excited to have her back, but I don't think she was as thrilled to see him. We stuck close to home on Monday. The Boy and I did preschool. He loves it. I have some activity sheets, art projects, things to practice fine motor skills so he can one day write his very short name. LOL

Today we took naps, went to Target for a birthday present, took more naps, and went to "Joshua's famous birthday party." He was in heaven again and he even got to stay afterward and swim for a little bit. The Boy is all about time right now. He tells time in tomorrow and after my nap. So, if something is coming up and I say it's on Monday he'll say, "What after?" He wants to know if it's after his nap, or after he goes to church, or after daddy gets home. I think I'm going ot make him a little calendar (or pull one out of teacher storage) so we can start doing some calendar skills and put it into perspective for him. However, I love it when he says, "What after, mom?" LOL


Jaime said...

What cutie patootie kids you have! I love the finger holders. And I totally love how my kids adore each other also.

Crystal said...

oh I miss those kids!!! Sorry about your horrible noncontagiousness...that really sucks.

Tyler said...

I made a calendar for Tyler so he knows when things are. I've got stuff that happens every week and things that are special occasions. I can show you what I did if you are interested (and still have all the parts saved on my computer :)

Katherine :)

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