Friday, June 12, 2009

Srsly . . .

. . . don't pass out from shock because I'm practically blogging everyday!

So about a week ago The Boy started waking up before 7am again and I would have nothing to do with it because he's so ornery by like 10am. So I made the rule that if he woke up before 7am I was going to tell him to get back in bed. He's been doing really well. However, this is what happened this morning-

Me (walking in from my 6am jog/walk around the lake)
The Boy (watching Noggin and giving me a smile)
Will (still in bed)

Me: Good morning. What time did you wake up?

TB: At 7 o'clock.

Me: No, because it's not 7 o'clock yet (as I look at the clock that says 6:55). New rule, if you wake up and mommy is gone, you get back in bed and I will come and get you when I get home.

TB: Ok.

I walk down the hallway and into our bedroom.

Me: Did you tell him to go back to bed?

Will: I tried.

Me: What time did he get up?

Will: 6:15. (falls back asleep)


The Girl was up again at 5am insisting to eat. She must be going through a growth spurt. I decided instead of fighting against it I would feed her because I could feed her and get her back to sleep in time to meet the girls. However, when do I draw the line so that it doesn't become habit? On the other hand it does get me out of bed so I can get a workout in. Hmmmm . . . what to do, what to do.

Last night The Boy had a terrible time going to bed. He was so excited to go to park day. He kept saying, "When I wake up we can go to park day?" I kept replying yes. Then he started saying, "Is it 21:42 yet?" (that's what time it always is when you ask him what time it is) I had to keep yelling, no, go to bed! Finally, I got up, opened his door and said, "If you don't go to sleep then we can't go to park day. I love you, but you have to stop talking or we're not going." We didn't hear from him again.

Today is my fabulous mother-in-law's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom Armstrong! We love you!!!!

Don't forget to watch the hilarious video above of The Boy shaking his groove thing. It was made for a friend of Will's at work - inside joke. It turned out pretty cute.


Jaime said...

I say, just enjoy the cutest alarm clock ever. Before you know it, she'll be sleeping through again and it'll be on to the next phase of her life.

Cory said...

man. i hear you on the early wake ups. ever since we got home from hawaii it's been 6:00 wake ups for us. i hate it and i want to die most mornings. it's moma too not baby g. he would sleep 14 hours if i let him. but that dang girl of mine is killing me right now!!!

Mckenna said...

his little dance was sososososososososo cute.

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