Friday, February 06, 2009

We Made It!

We survived! Are you so surprised? LOL It actually went really well. My mom got a gate pass to help me through security and get to the gate. Then, she stayed with us until I walked onto the plane. It was so awesome of her and took a lot of stress out of my life. My dad tried to get passes for he and my sister too, but they would only let one person come. So we were sad to leave them at the security check.

The Boy was so good on the plane and his only hang up was that it took too long for them to bring him his juice. He just kept asking me when his juice was going to come. The guy that was unlucky enough to share our row was an architect student at the U that was traveling with a group on a field trip. He was super nice and put up with The Boy's antics. The worst part of the entire trip was the end. We sat on the tarmac for like 30 minutes waiting for a ladder to let us off the plane. It was super annoying! The Girl had been so good, but by then she was HUNGRY again and wanted off the plane.

I finally remember to snap a picture of my dad with The Girl! However, it is with a camera phone, so it isn't the best.

One of the awesome things I got to do while I was in Utah was meet THE Rachel Young! I'm on her creative team and I think she is a super awesome chick and designer. It was so fun to meet her in person. We met for lunch at JCW's (which ROCKS!) and then she was such a cutie and invited us over to her house to play for a little bit.

We tried to let The Boy take our picture and this is what we got.

Then her little boy tried.
So we finally took one ourselves:)


dancin' momma said...

I'm glad you made it home with your sanity!

Crystal said...

I'm glad you like JCW's - what did you get? Also, aren't you glad it's not a 5 hour flight to Utah?

Jaime said...

Hey I'm glad you're back! Your dad is so handsome. Let me know when I can bring the clothes! The pile keeps getting bigger!

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