Friday, February 06, 2009

Getting Bigger

Can you believe she's already a month old? Actually she's almost 6 weeks old and it's going so fast! She has given us her first smiles (1/26) and has slept through the night almost every night since about 2 weeks old. She's amazing. She travels well and eats every 3-4 hours. She's a little "doll baby" - as the people in Kentucky would say.

5 days old

5 1/2 weeks old
On our last afternoon in Utah the weather was wonderful - about 50! - so we went to the cool DinoMine park. The Boy loved running around with AuntK and Mamanda. We stopped at Sonic after and had some Cherry Limeades for Happy Hour. Well, not exactly. We were in line at 5 to the hour, but they were so dang slow, that by the time we got up to order, it was after 4. When we asked if we could still get Happy Hour prices, the girl wasn't very helpful and it was pretty annoying. She said her computer won't let her do it after 4. ::sigh:: We still got our drinks, but we ended up being in line for almost 25 minutes. It was crazy. Then, she made my mom's drink a plain limeade instead of a CHERRY limeade. We asked her to please fix it and she did. Then, she had the good sense to give my mom some coupons for all the trouble. Phew!

He's showing me how strong he is.
So, The Boy is full of lots of funny sayings right now. I need to write them down here before I forget.

-Where we at to? (He asks this whenever he wants to know where we are.)
-Mem I am awake? (He asks this in the morning when he wakes up.)
-Knock, knock. Who's there? (He started yelling this out in the morning from his bed until someone came to get him.)
-It's kinda like tricky. (Whenever something is interesting or intriguing to him.)

There are more, but that's all that come to mind right now.

I just got the saddest news. We probably had like 20 Signing Time shows saved on our Cox DVR. Well, right around the time my mom got here (while Will had paternity leave) we switched to AT&T cable service, so we lost everything we had saved. No big deal, I can just record them again, right? WRONG! Because they didn't get any sponsors, Signing Time won't be showing on PBS anymore. Now we don't have any Signing Time episodes and we can't get them back. When we were in Utah they did a news spotlight on Rachel and when The Boy saw it he was very distressed that he couldn't watch Signing Time. He learned so much from the show and loves doing signs and LOVES her songs. He especially loves the animal ones - of course - so Leah's Farm, The Zoo Train, and The Great Outdoors. He's really good at animal and food signs;) He was just picking up on the sports signs. Maybe if I complain to PBS they'll bring it back? ::sigh:: Sad.


Crystal said...

You gotta love the customer service in Price...that Sonic is RIDICULOUSLY slow - as are the mental abilities of the people that work there. When Daisy wakes up and wants me to get her (she is in the pack and play) she says, HEY ANYBODY! Even though I am the only one who gets her out of bed every morning. little weirdo. Tell the girl to quit growing!! She is adorable though!

Jaime said...

I crave the Sonic Cherry Limeade! Nobody else makes it as good. You can buy the Signing Time on DVD. I know it's not free, but at least you would have it and you can take it with you anywhere, which is a bonus. Sleeping through the night since 2 weeks! Incredible! Hey do you want my clothes for the Girl? I've left you a couple I'm not sure. Let me know!

amyminette said...

I think she's beautiful. Time sure flies!

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