Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Freakin' Scared :)

That's how I feel right now! We fly home today and not only am I afraid of flying home by myself with two kids, but I'm afraid to be without my mom! When I first came home, I was lucky enough to have Will home with me until my mom got there. Then, I've been with my mom ever since. So, like a month now! It's been awesome and she's been awesome. At night when The Girl is fussy and needs to eat and The Boy needs to get ready for bed and is melting down, she takes The Girl and lets me get The Boy to bed. She has helped me leave the house over a million times and saved my sanity in keeping an eye on The Boy so he doesn't run out into the street and get hit by a car while I'm trying to wrestle The Girl out of her car seat. It has been so much fun to just hang out with her and have her support. We've loved hanging out with Grandpa and AuntK too. The Boy loves playing with both of them and taking care of the animals - especially Buddy Cat. However, it's time to return home and I'll have to do it all by myself. Well, for a couple of months while Will finishes up "busy season". Hopefully we'll all survive:)


Vivian said...

I sympathize with you about a child running into the streets. I finally came up with a plan to help with that. I put the most mobile child in the car first. Once we would get out of the car I would take the youngest child out of the car seat before I would let the other ones out. I then made sure only one door was open and it's the door I am standing in front of.

jamie said...

You are so lucky to have had extra hands for a MONTH! WOW!!! but don't worry, you'll do GREAT! And I totally sympathize about the flying with the 2 little ones by yourself! I've done it a few times now and I HATE every bit of it...especially security!!! the flying part isn't usually bad - it's the airport - at least for me! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Crystal said...

Here's some unsolicited advice. When I first had two kids I kept thinking in my head "2 kids is so hard, 2 kids is so hard..." And it was - when I finally quit saying that to myself and just relaxed and reminded myself to enjoy the craziness, it was way more fun - still hard, but more fun.

The Ordeel said...

Oh, Kyla, you'll do great! Remember the craziness at the day care? You were one of the most reliable and trustworthy ones there and you took care of dozens of little teeny kids all at once (without much help sometimes). You are a pro already!

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