Monday, February 02, 2009

Back from Idaho

We took a quick trip to Idaho to see my grandparents and aunt. It was so much fun and I even remembered to snap a few photos. The Boy loved having the undivided attention of his Grandparents-Great and his Great Aunt. However, he had a hard time keeping everyone straight. My mom is just Grandma and is not Grandma T. My Grandmother is Grandma T and not Grandma M and she is definitely not just Grandma. It was pretty funny. He tried really hard and who can blame him - it's been a year since he last saw them. I'm really hoping they will be at Big Mike's wedding in May so we can see them again this year!

This is The Girl's "going out" of the house outfit.

The Boy had to get in on the picture action too.Our attempt at a Four Generation photo. The photos
with just the girls had our heads cut off. We figured out
too late that my mom and I needed to squat down a little:)
The Boy with his namesake.
The kids with their Great Aunt.This afternoon I remembered to snap a picture of The Girl
with her Grandma. Now I just need to track down Grandpa.

I want to write more about the trip but I'm currently holding a restless little baby so it'll have to wait until later because typing with one hand takes too long!


Mandy said...

Such sweet photos! Love the one of the boy with his namesake. CutE!

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