Monday, December 01, 2008

Woot! It's December

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . . I am so excited for December for so many reasons. I love Christmas and the entire month of celebration. It's also The Boy's birthday this week and he is so excited. When you ask him what he wants for his birthday he says, "I want cake, presents, balloons, and party hats!" (It's a line from a Little Einsteins birthday episode.) We got him a Little People Pirate ship and I think he's going to love it. We're having a little birthday party for him on Saturday with family and a few friends from our old ward up in W-town and I know he'll love it. I guess I better get some balloons because that's one thing on his list that I don't have. LOL Plus, we're having a baby this month. Woot! I'm sure labor won't be too happy, but the end results will be AWESOME!

So I totally braved the Black Friday sales and it was so worth it. I started at Kohl's at 4am and got home a little after 5am. Then, Will headed out to WalMart to meet up with his sister. When The Boy woke up around 7am I headed to the Target in Costa Mesa because they didn't open until 7am, and then Will stopped at ToysRUs on his way home. We are all finished with our Christmas shopping except for one relative and I already know what I'm getting, I just need to find it. I love the adrenaline that comes from the Black Friday shopping. It's an addiction:)

Saturday we all just recuperated from all the shopping and food of the previous 2 days. Sunday we went to church and that evening I busted out all the Christmas decorations and The Boy and I decorated. Actually, once he found his Frosty and Rudolph guys from years past at Build-a-Bear he just wanted to play with them. He even took Frosty to bed that night and was up way too late playing the music over and over again.

Today I had a doctor's appointment and everything is looking good. Her head is down and we are on the downhill. It looks like if I am going to be induced it will have to wait until the 29th because my doctor is on vacation until then. I figure if I am going to plan to have the baby early (now it's only like 5 days early), then I want her to be there to deliver me. If I happen to go into labor on my own when she isn't there, then so be it and we'll let the dice fall as they may. I took The Boy to ToysRUs today to use his birthday gift card coupon. It was for $3 and he found a Lightning McQueen car for $3.64, so it was perfect. He also found a lot of animals he'd like to take home too, but we left them for another day:)

I decided to participate in Ali Edwards's idea of doing a December Daily album. She is doing a paper version, but of course, I am doing it digi-style. The idea is to take document each day of December with journaling and photos. I have pre-scrapped 20 of the 25 pages, so they are ready to just have the photos plugged into them. Today I took a picture of The Boy with his friends Frosty and Rudolph because he got all posed with chairs and everything and asked me to take their pictures. It was really sweet. So, I decided I am going to try and post my layout of the day each day. I know I will probably miss a couple of days here and there, so you might get 2 or 3 layouts at once, but I'm starting with good intentions.


Jaime said...

Yeah, this month will be so wonderful for you! I can't believe you and the Black Friday thing though; I could not walk around that much being as pregnant as you. Go Mama!

Vivian said...

Yeah! Looks like she'll be born on our anniversary! We are so excited for you.

dancin' momma said...

Cute idea! I can't believe you'll have your little girl by the end of this month!!!

Tyler said...

I'm doing the December Daily too! Love Ali's stuff.

Katherine :)

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