Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Moose A. Moose

We had a great Tuesday. It was my turn to watch my friend's little boy for our doctor visit babysitting swap. The Boy was so excited for him to come over. Baby T was already down for a nap and my friend's little boy didn't last long before he was ready for a nap too. So, it ended up being just The Boy and me hanging out for a few hours together. He played in his room, while I sewed in there. My sewing table is currently still in his room. I think once I take it down after all my Christmas projects are finished, it will stay down and I will just sew on the dining room table when I have projects that need to be done. Yesterday I was finishing up a diaper/wipee cover for a friend. We did a product swap and she made me the most darling adjustable headbands with her awesome bows for our little lady and I made her a diaper/wipee cover. She had hers done and mailed within like 2 weeks. Here I am a month later and I still haven't shipped it! However, it's in it's envelope and that's our afternoon errand today.

I also got all my thank you notes finished and mailed off for a fun baby shower my friends from W-town had for me a few weeks ago. It was so fun! Now I just need to get my Christmas cards addressed, stuffed, and sent out and we'll be good to go in the mail department.

In the afternoon we went to Target to return some things and I picked up my prescription for some acid reflux medication. My doctor sent it in 2 weeks ago and I kept forgetting to go and get it. On Saturday I got a call from the pharmacy asking me if I still wanted it. YES! so I told them I'd be in this week to get it. I noticed a big difference yesterday in my heartburn feelings after taking it, so I'm hoping it will do the trick.

Last night Aunt H came over for dinner and after Will got home and ate we headed down to Downtown Disney to make some Chrismooses at Build-a-Bear. They are so darling! We had a little bit of a wait to make them and The Boy was getting restless and disinterested in the project. However, once it was finally our turn, he was totally captivated by the process and our cute Master Bear Maker. At the end, when he put the heart in, she said the cutest little poem and I wish I had recorded it. All day I had planned to go and have it be the pictures for Day 2 of my December Daily Album and then we are halfway there and I realize I forgot my camera! Bleh! So the pictures aren't the best quality, but at least I could take some with my camera phone. He named his moose "Moose A. Moose" - after the moose on the Noggin channel - and he named his sister's moose "Girl Moose" - original, huh? LOL

So, here is Day 2's layout for the album. Tonight our association is having it's Christmas Party and Santa will be there for pictures. So, I'm totally dressing him up in his fancy Christmas church clothes and hauling him over there for some pictures. Oh! Which reminds me, the other Target called and his 3-year-old pictures are in! Yea! I have to remember to go and get them.


Jaime said...

I love it! I love all of it!

Mandy said...

When did you get those Target pictures taken? I'm two months late on Maggie's portraits...oops. Was hoping to send them off with Christmas cards. (Still haven't made them yet, either!)

Cute Moose!

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