Wednesday, December 03, 2008

These Are a Few of my {Seasonal} Favorite Things

So tonight I decided to share with you a few of my holiday/seasonal favorite things. There are just certain things about this time of the year that only happen during this time of the year and I love them! Now, you can try them out for yourselves and also share with me some of your favorite things.

First up, lets start with the food! I mean, let's get our priorities straight here.

Caramel Apple Spice at Starbucks.
Come on, it's got caramel in it, so it HAS to be good!

Also from Starbucks, the pumpkin scone.
I haven't had one this year. You have to be an early bird
to get them and since I'm not teaching anymore, I'm not
out and about at 7am to catch one.

Yummy! Stephen's makes the best hot chocolate and this
is their best yet! My parents found it at Sam's and I had
them get me several boxes (which I still have) and I
savor every cup! They also have a cinnamon candy cane
that is super yummy too! (I have a box of that, too. Hee, hee)

I adore Philosophy products (you NEED Hope in a Jar)
and these yummy body washes are no exception.
It makes the entire bathroom smell like a bakery.
This is my favorite Christmas movie. I haven't watched
it yet this year. My mom and I have a tradition to watch
it at the first snow. Well, I have to sub rain for snow, but
I don't own it, so I have to wait for it to come on TV.
I love lights. I inherited the trait from my dad. He is Clark
Griswold in the making. I love that he decorates the house
ever year. One day I will take on the task of doing the outside
of my own house . . . just not this year when I
am 9 months pregnant.

Snow. It's not a four letter word . . .Mandy! LOL
It's something we don't get here in SoCal, but I love when I
go "home" to Utah and we get a good dumping on. They
better have it this year when we go in January.

Another thing you don't really need in SoCal. Well, unless you're
the crazy person that turned the heat up to max in
Sunday School this week and tried to cook everyone in
the room! Hello! We live in Orange County and it
was 70 degrees outside. LOL
O, Christmas tree . . . you are so lovely! And it has to
be real. We had a fake tree our first couple of
years of marriage because Wyview didn't allow live trees.
However, I refuse to have a fake one ever again.
I also love Christmas music and one of my favorite
artists is Harry Connick, Jr. This is such a fun CD - you
need to check it out.Nativities. Need I say more? My parents have
started giving me a part of the Willow Tree Nativity
each year and I love pulling it out and setting it up.
Amazon has a Kurt Adler set right now that I think is so
darling and is so tempting to buy since it is 60% off right now!

And that's just a few of my favorite things. So what are some of yours? Blog about it or leave me a comment so I can check them out.

Tonight we went and saw Santa at the neighborhood association party and it was a lot of fun. The Boy was excited to tell Santa that he wants zoo animals for Christmas. What the? We already own 26 of them! I don't think I can take anymore.

Here is my page for Day 3 of my of December Daily Album. I really like how it turned out!


Crystal said...

When we lived in Wyview we got a Christmas Branch. It smelled beautifully and fit perfectly. How is that for letter of the law!

Jaime said...

Lucky lucky you! I married the son of a fireman and am doomed to fake trees forever; very sad. As for the good stuff I love the Land o Lakes cocoa box at Sam's/Costco, going caroling, getting Christmas cards in the mail, singing Christmas songs in church, planning fun gifts for everyone on my list, taking the boy to see everyone else's fabulous light displays, Christmas dresses (yay for girls!) and watching my boy play with his Little People Nativity.

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