Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the Day Before Christmas

Yea! I'm so excited for Christmas tomorrow! I'm sad that we didn't get to go to Utah this year and see everyone, but we have so many things to be thankful for, so I'm still excited! Yesterday I cleaned until I was sick - literally:) I scrubbed the bathrooms down - floors Cinderella-style and all. It makes me feel better to know that they are all clean. I also cleaned our room, which mostly meant just putting clean laundry away that has been piling up all over the room. I also washed all of our bedding and made the bed. AND I scrubbed down the laundry room and made it all spiffy again. Woot! However, it took a lot out of my and I had to lay down for like 45 minutes to feel like I could walk around without passing out. I know, I always do too much, but I just can't help it. It might be March before I get around to cleaning like that again.

P.S. A tip on cleaning - I keep Clorox Wipes on hand at all time in the kitchen and both bathrooms. They rock and they let me give everything a quick, disinfecting wipe down at least twice a week, so I can maintain the cleanliness a little longer between big scrub downs.Yesterday afternoon we also went to Babies'R'Us to get some sheets for the pack'n'play. I decided to use it as a bassinet since it was already set up, but I didn't have any sheets for it. While I was there, I saw that my stroller was discontinued and on clearance! They had a new color, but it was $40 more, so I nabbed it and now it is sitting in my garage. Yea! I am now the proud owner of this fabulous stroller!I took it easy last night and just worked on my thank you cards for my ward shower. However, the had a glitch yesterday with ward websites, so I couldn't get any addresses to mail them. I did get my page for yesterday done. The Boy has this Pirates of the Caribean compass from McDonald's that he uses as a watch. He kept coming up to me and saying, "Mom, ask me what time it is." So, I would and he would tell me some random time or unit of time. It was really funny.

Today by 10am, I've already been to the grocery store, Costco, and Target. I have no intentions of leaving the house again until Friday. Today we need to make cookies for Santa and perhaps put a gingerbread house together. All my presents are wrapped and under the tree, so life is good! Enjoy your Christmas Eve. We're making pizza for dinner and reading from the scriptures. Maybe next year when we have 2 kids we will attempt to act out the Nativity. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


The Titmi said...

Cinderella style is the best way to get your baby in the right position- Way to Go!!

Davis Family said...

wow - you've been very busy. i'm impressed. i know how it is wanting to get everything in order before the big arrival. sounds like a nice intimate christmas eve for you all! I hope everything goes smoothly on monday... we'll be thinking of you! make sure to email or post pictures immediately so i can see your adorable baby girl!

Jaime said...

Clorox wipes are the bomdiddy bomb!

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