Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had a Very Merry Christmas! It was just the 3.80 of us:) and it was a lot of fun. The Boy slept until about 7:20 and I had Will keep him in his room until I could get presentable and get the camera ready. I wanted to capture his expression when he came out of his room and I think his little face is awesome!

After he loved on the plush hippo that Santa brought, he jumped on his
new bike that Santa also brought.

He also really loved his Diego candy/sticker dispenser:)

He wanted to open all the other presents, so we headed over to the tree.

This is his new hat from his Grandpa & Grandpa A.
It says "New Orleans" on it.

Next he opened his digital camera from Grandpa & Grandma A.
He took some pretty awesome pictures before the batteries died.
It called for 4 AAAs, but I only had 2 new ones & 2 used, so
we'll have to pick some up tomorrow.

After all his presents were opened, he was kind and
helped us open ours too:)

He also opened some presents for his "coming soon" sister.

And me with my new scanner/copier/printer that is wireless!

After the naps and the rain were over we ventured outside to try out the bike.

He's ridden a scooter, but never a bike before, so we had to work on
getting the pedaling down. He'll need a few more lessons:) But
it started pouring so we headed back inside.
I finally took a picture of myself - 6 weeks later! Hey, last
time I only took one picture, so I did better this pregnancy:)
Our Christmas Eve was also a lot of fun. We made pizza for dinner and then we went to a neighborhood near where I used to teach to look at Christmas lights. It was really awesome and if we had known it was so cool we'd have gone ready to walk the neighborhood instead of just drive it. I was in my PJs and we didn't have jackets, so we opted for the drive by. When we got home we read from Luke and I used the Little People Nativity as a visual for The Boy. While Will gave him a bath, I made the cookies for Santa. We piled 'em onto a plate and sent the little crazy to bed.

Here are my pages for the past few days. I hope your Christmas was Merry and White! Ours was Merry and Rainy, but we'll take what we can get:)

P.S. My favorite thing The Boy said today was, "Mama! I got socks!" He was totally excited and it was hilarious!


Laura said...

Kyla, I have loved seeing our LO every day, you did such a great job. Lucky girl on the printer!!! Have a very Christmas!!! And by the way you look great and I love your belly shots!!!

The Ordeel said...

What a fun Christmas! It is funny how much the same our day started. My kids woke up at 7:20 too and I was in charge of holding them back until Kevin go the cameras all ready. We like to get the reactions too. I am excited for you to have your NEXT Christmas present! I am honestly a little envious as well. Good luck! I wil be thinking of you and praying for you.

Mandy said...

Fun to talk with you today! Love the bike pictures, and wasn't the rain great? So relaxing, great for naps. :)

marissa said...

It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! I had to do a little catching up on your blog. I love to see all your scrapbook pages! Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby soon!

Cindy said...

I also made Ben go down and plug in the Christmas lights and get the camera ready. He got a great picture of Parker when he saw all of his gifts, but he got me in the pic and I looked less than presentable. Thank goodness for photo shop, huh?

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