Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Adventures in Chocolate Making

Ok, so today was seriously AWESOME! I spent the day with 14 other ladies in my ward learning to make chocolates. We made almond rocha, triple chocolate truffles, peppermint bark, cinnamon bark, Taffy Cracks, dipped pretzels, peanut butter cups, chocolate caramels, peanut butter balls, and I know there are more, but I can't remember them all. I got there at about 8:45 and made chocolates until 2:30. I left The Boy with Aunt H and took Baby T with me. She napped most of the morning and then played nicely and ate crackers with the other kids. Aunt H dropped The Boy off to me around 12:45 and when he got there he said, "Is this the chocolate house?" I told him yes, it was Sister A's (his old nursery leader) house and that I was making chocolates with her. He said, "Ok, I need some chocolate." It was just a fun day of making chocolates and hanging out with the great ladies in the ward. And of course, I forgot my camera to document the whole day. Bleh! So above is just a picture of the spoils.

I took them both home at 2:30 and put them down for naps. They were both exhausted from playing so hard and so we all just passed out. Well, I didn't pass out, but I did lay on the couch during the entire naptime because my ankles had swollen from standing on them all day. I am hoping I can get it back down before my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I have my Group B Strep test and she's going to check my progress. At my last appointment she mentioned stripping my membranes to make sure I'll be ready to be induced on the 29th, but I don't know if she'll start that tomorrow or not. My cousin had it done 6 times with her last baby and she said it's PAINFUL and it didn't work for her, but she kept doing it just with the hopes that it might.

That evening I popped back over to "the chocolate house" to get my pans, chocolates, and help clean up. When we got home we had dinner with Will and then I took The Boy over to the Orange Stake Center for the Community Christmas Celebration. They have live musical groups and displays of Nativities from around the world. It was awesome! Every year I want to go and every year I never make it. This year it was so close, I had to go. They even had a few activities for kids and The Boy made a cute Nativity scene with die-cut paper pieces.

I tried taking a picture of The Boy in front of the candy
tree, but he couldn't keep his eyes open with the flash. This is what he did when I said, "Try to keep your eyes open."
This was one of my favorite Nativities.This was The Boy's favorite (it's from Kenya) - I wonder why?I thought this one was interesting. It's from Park City where their
mascot is a moose. Funny, huh?Here is my page for today.


The Ordeel said...

Hey, you. You have probably had your Dr.'s appointment by now, but I wanted to let you know that I have heard horror stories about the pain of stripping membranes. And then I had it done with Tanner. It didn't hurt NEARLY as bad as I thought it would. In fact, I would catagorize it as uncomfortable, but no more uncomfortable than just getting "checked." I was surprised when she was done because I was still bracing myself for the pain. It didn't hurt, but it didn't work either. Hope it works for you! Good luck, Mama!

Crystal said...

1st, send me some of those chocolates and make them sugar free. Especially the cinnamon one and the crackle taffy. 2nd, three words: giraffe, elephant, zebra. 3rd...I can't remember...oh yeah, just hurry and have your baby so you can come to the homeland before Jan 8th so I can meet your peanut before she's 10! I had my baby early for you.

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