Monday, December 08, 2008

Not Much Going On

Although I have a list a mile long of things to do, I don't feel like I accomplished much today. I just wasn't up to it. Doesn't that sound lame? I had big plans to get everything from The Boy's *new* closet moved into the nursery closet so that I can put all of his toys and books into his *new* room. However, I got like 5 things moved and a few more things organized and put away. So that's what my album page was about today. It's not very exciting, but it's a day in my life!

I keep meaning to share these fun things with you. My friends in W-town and my friends here in my new ward had showers for me. They were wonderful and I am so appreciative to them for thinking of me and doing such a fun thing. I wanted to show you a few things that were made for me that I thought were super cool.

How darling is this? Baby Bling!

Isn't this an awesome diaper bag? It's a one of a kind. Awesome, huh?

I kept this diaper cake up for almost a week before I took it apart. I kept moving
it from room to room when it got in the way so that I didn't have
to take it down.
I also got a gorgeous new nursing cover from my friend and a darling rag blanket that my SIL made me (well, I guess the blanket is really for the baby!). I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family that take care of me. This baby will be dressed to the Nines until she's at least two. LOL

So, I was asked what I want for Christmas this year and it took me awhile to think of anything. I really just want a nice, healthy baby girl. However, there are a few extras I wouldn't mind.

Doesn't that look fabulous?

Ahh! This would be good too:)

I'm addicted to this stuff! It's so awesome.
To be practical, mine died about 3 months ago, and
I've been coveting a new one ever since!

And if I'm going to dream big, I'd love a membership for
a few months after the baby is born.And if I'm dreaming REALLY big, it'd be one of these:)


Crystal said...

I LOVE that bag!!!

Mama said...

awhile back, i lost 20 pounds on weightwatchers. i only did he online one where you log all your food and look up points and stuff. i realy liked it but i got too cheap and i stopped. this was after i had moma.

Melanie said...

I LOVE that diaper bag!! I love purses/diaper bags!! So...where did this come from? I would love a new one!

karen said...

hi !! sorry i haven't been reading blogs lately.. have been so busy.. chris finished w/ the tiles in our bathroom and we have ordered wood floor materials, carpets, etc.. carpet is coming in this week so we have been moving stuff and etc.. anyway.. any GIRLS name yet ??? i'm finding out jan 2nd .. people thinks i'm having a boy according to my poll on my blog... btw.. LOVE your background !!!!
and just got your christmas card.. SO cute.. where did you get it printed ?? i was planning on doing two sided like yours for next christmas.. i've been bad this christmas.. oh well.. next year will be better w/ cards, etc :D

dancin' momma said...
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