Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a World, What a World

That's how I felt today when I answered the door (shamefully) at Noon in my sweats, with no make-up and my hair barely combed, with Baby T yelling in background and The Boy watching Little Einsteins as I was trying to get lunch for both of them. Baby T was neither happy that I left her nor that her lunch was being delayed. Of course, it wasn't just the post man, it was one of the cute girls from my ward bringing me a baby present (THANK YOU!). I'm sure I was quite the sight! LOL But you know, we all have one of those days, and today was mine.

I spent the morning working on the pajama bottoms from my friend's husband (well, he's my friend too) and The Boy just wanted my attention. I had already painted with him - something he had been begging to do since he got his awesome paint set from Aunt M and Uncle K. I asked him to play in his room, but of course, since I asked him to do it, he didn't want to. He wanted to be in with me. However, I wouldn't let him because Baby T was napping in the adjoining room and, as most of you know, he is not a quiet child. I got the shorts about 1/2 done before Baby T woke up, but she wanted my attention and her food when she woke up, so she wasn't have anything to do with me walking back and forth between the sewing table and the ironing board in my room. So I abandoned my project for later this evening.

So nothing to report from my appointment yesterday. She did my Strep B culture and we decided that if my cervix is ripe (like it's a piece a fruit?) then, we will induce on the 29th. She even wrote it onto my chart, because she has to document everything. By then I will be 39 weeks and 3 days. She said up until 3 weeks ago, the rule was they could induce 10 days early. But the hospital changed its policy and now you have to be 39 weeks exactly - not even 38 weeks and 6 days. Crazy! She said she'd check my progress next week - which she didn't do today - and start stripping my membranes in 2 weeks. So, I'm a pregnant woman with a plan and hopefully things will go along as smoothly as they did with The Boy at this point in my pregnancy.

Now I have some fun pictures to share:)

This is the awesome art box that The Boy has been coveting.

In bright eyed anticipation!
How sweet:)
Painting away.
Yes, I stripped him down to his undies, because I still never trust paints that say they are washable. Maybe one day I'll turn one of Will's old shirts into an art shirt.

I forgot to share this with you. He made it at the Creche exhibit.

Here is my page from yesterday. It's just about
how I started the pajama bottoms yesterday.


Crystal said...

Daisy is just always in her underwear :) I love those paints and how excited the boy looks!

Deb said...

I had to many of "those days" when I was doing day care! Still sometimes take the kids to school in my jams!

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