Tuesday, November 18, 2008

German Pancakes = Heaven

So the title of my post all began yesterday when Will and I were having a discussion about breakfast food. We were talking about how we great up on cold cereal for breakfast - which I LOVE! - and rarely had hot breakfast. My mom would make cream of wheat every once and a while and my dad made pancakes on Mother's Day, but that was about it. Then Will started reminiscing about his best friend's mom's breakfast and how fabulous they were. He said she made this thing called German Pancakes and they were awesome. He guessed her recipe was probably in our old ward cookbook. So, I looked in the cookbook this afternoon and sure enough - it was there! So, that's what I made for dinner tonight and it was heavenly! Then, paired with Buttermilk Syrup it was even better.

We had a good day today - just kind of laid back. I walked this morning and put the kids in the jogging stroller. Baby T fell asleep during the walk and The Boy ran the last few blocks home. It's good to get him out and moving and he enjoys "racing" me home. I have a friend that is due the same time as I am and so we are now both having doctor's appointments at regular intervals, so we decided to swap babysitting. This was our second swap and it's working out perfectly. Today I had her little boy, so the kids played and then all went down for naps. I should have napped too, but I just can't do it. I either have to read or scrap, but I should really sleep.

So the other day my SIL posted about how my niece (who is 3 months younger than The Boy) did a drawing of a person with body parts. So, I started freaking out that The Boy had no idea how to do that. Then, low and behold, look what he draws today on his magna doodle!!!

It has eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs. I was so proud of him and he loved that I wanted to take a picture of it! He has also starting saying, "OH MY GOSH!" all the time. It's not my favorite phrase, sounds too much like another phrase that I don't want him saying. But it's pretty hilarious and I have to keep from laughing. I asked him who says that and he said, "(His friend) says it." He's learning things too quickly! So, yesterday I decided I was done with "OH MY GOSH" and told him we didn't say that, but he could say "Oh my goodness" instead. So the transition the past few days has been pretty funny to listen to also. He'll say, "OH MY GOSH. Oh, we don't say that. OH MY GOODNESS!" or "OH MY GOSH. Sorry mommy, I didn't say that. OH MY GOODNESS!" He'll get it soon enough, that crazy kid. Also, tonight when Will showed him the German pancake, he exclaimed, "That's ginormous!"

Here's a new page I scrapped tonight for the Hodge Podge challenge. It was a template and you put your own touch to it. Tomorrow I HAVE to sew! So no scrapping tomorrow. I also need to walk and keep plugging away on the room swap. Oh! I'm so excited that my Christmas cards are done and being printed! I can't wait until they get here!


The Titmi said...

I go to those Drs just so I don't have to swap! You are a nice friend!

Jaime said...

We make german oven pancakes all the time, they are my favorite!!!

Mama said...

we also have a problem with "oh my gosh" we started saying "holy cow!" instead because we think it's funny. so sometimes she will say "oh my gosh... holy cow!" it's getting better though.

Mandy said...

You kill me when you rave about a recipe and then don't post it...SAD! Help me out! :) What are you sewing?

The other day I was doing something in the kitchen while holding Ryleigh. I messed up (I think I was baking) and said, "Oh crap". Ryleigh then said, "CRAP! CRAP!" over and over again. crap. Ha!

Jaime said...

Oh, and also I remember when I noticed that Jeremy wasn't drawing people and other kids were and before I knew it the people were coming out on his magnadoodle too. Isn't it funny how it works that way? :)

Jaime said...

AAAAAH! Sorry I keep forgetting to put all my comments in together. I just wanted to tell you I really like this scrap page you did with the slivered pictures, so great. Okay I'm really done!

dancin' momma said...

Banana has the same issues with that phrase, and corrects herself the same way the boy does. Cute! And Luv his drawing!!

Tami said...

We LOVE German pancakes in our home too. We called them Creepy Crawlers when I was young, and the name has stuck. They are so delicious and super easy!

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