Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

We had a strange little weekend, what about you? On Friday we had a normal day. I even made it out of the house to take The Boy to park day. He was so excited to go and had a fun time playing "with all the kids" -as he puts it. That evening we just chilled at home together and nothing too exciting happened.

However, then all of California caught on fire and it got really hot. Hmmm . . . interesting. Anyone making any connections to current events? LOL Will was feeling awful and he pretty much slept ALL day. I took The Boy out to make some returns and try to find him a Christmas outfit. I didn't have any luck on the Christmas outfit (I probably shouldn't call it an outfit), but I did find Lilypadz at Burlington Coat Factory. I am so excited! My friend Mandy swore by these and I can't way to try them out. We went to Costco and as we came out I noticed that not only was LA County on fire, but now we had fires in the OC. Scary! This time they weren't Irvine (like last year) and the wind was blowing away from us, so it really hasn't been that bad air quality wise. That night we went to the grocery store as a family and that was about it.

Sunday was Sunday. Not really much to say about it. Oh! We did get released from Primary. Our little class was so cute when we told them. One of the boys was like, "So, we'll have a new teacher for a few days and then you'll come back?" Just too sweet.

Today the weather was a bit cooler and we didn't have to run the air 24/7 to keep the stinky air and heat out. I had my doctor's appointment today and everything is just rolling along. I can't believe I only have 3 weeks to be full term. That is so crazy! I'm frantically trying to finish up Christmas cards, birthday party plans, Thanksgiving, and get all the Christmas shopping done, plus move everything from the baby's room over into The Boy's new room. Phew! Wish me luck. Maybe I should stop passing out on the couch during naptime and work more - NAWWW!

Here are some pages I've scrapped recently! Tomorrow we have a calm day, but then the week just picks up from there. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited for ladies' night on Friday to see Twilight. Party!


Jaime said...

Yeah I watched this cool thing on Youtube about the connection between the current events and fire. It was interesting.

Vivian said...

Love your pages! I'm also excited about Friday night.

Mama said...

great minds think alike. i told my hubby that i thought it was interesting that the fies happened on "that day"

Mandy said...

Girl you will LOVE Lilypadz. I will NEVER go back to traditional pads...well, maybe for the first little bit, until the baby is about 2 weeks old. But you don't really leave the house or wear normal clothing for that time period anyway, right?

Cindy said...

I love your layouts!! I love seeing other proples layouts...I might have to copy some!!

Excited about your pregnancy!!! How are you feeling??

Oh, and The Boy looks just like YOU! ADORABLE!

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