Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tuesday - IGorgeYa For Good

I loved this day because two of the best things happened that we had planned during Mike's visit - lunch at the Brazilian churrascaria Agora and going to LA to see WICKED!!!! It was a fabulous day. We had a lazy morning. Mike took The Boy to swim for about an hour and I ran over to the church to drop of my stuff to the DI bin. I had high hopes of getting to farmer's market by the library to pick up some fruit, but of course it always takes me longer to get ready than I think it will, so I didn't make it up there.

On my way to the DI bin Will text messaged me and asked to move lunch up a half hour, so I zoomed over and dropped the stuff off. Well, I zoomed over, but it took me forever to get the lock undone. I'm so lame. Then, I zoomed back and stopped at the pool to pick up the boys. Mike took a quick shower, I straightened my hair, and got The Boy dressed and we zoomed over to Agora. Now Will has had a GC there for about 3 years now and we've just never gotten around to going. Mike has never been to a churrascaria - not even Rodigio or Tucanos in Provo (the shame!) - so we thought it would be the perfect time to use it. Plus, since our Anniversary was the day before, it was perfect timing because I said we needed to use it to go out for our Anniversary.The food was so super yummy! Oh! But Mike and I were worried when we showed up because printed underneath the hours of operation was the warning "Proper attire required." We had no idea what that meant. He was in shorts and I was in jeans and we looked nice for lunch, but we weren't sure if we were proper. Then, when Will showed up in a shirt and tie (because of his client for the day) we were really worried. However, the Hostess told us we were okay. We were definitely the most underdressed in the place.The salad bar had yummy potatoes, mashed potatoes, Waldorf salad, bread, and lots of other things that Mike and Will ate that I wasn't interested in. All of the meat was delicious and we all ate ourselves stuffed - even The Boy! We didn't order him a meal because I knew he wouldn't eat the meat. And sure enough, for about the first 5 times that the Guachos came around he would exclaim, "I can't like that!" After I explained he didn't have to eat it and it wasn't for him, he started saying, "That's for everybody. Not for me." He, like his mother, adored the Pão De Queijo. He ate about five of the yummy Brazilian cheese breads. He also gorged himself on the Banana Frita - or cinnamon glazed banana. It was so yummy, so I don't blame him. Will also brought over a hard cheese from the salad bar and he had more than his fair share of the cheese and some mashed potatoes.

At the end of the meal he looked really uncomfortable and he looked at me, pulled up his shirt to expose his bulging belly, and exclaimed, "Mom! What happened?" And then he started whimpering and looking like he was going to toss his cookies in the middle of the restaurant. So I took him outside to run around while Will and Mike settled the bill. The Boy must not have been in too bad of shape, because grabbed the last cheese bread before running for the door. What a nut!
That night Mike and I went to see Wicked at the Pantages theater. What can I say? Pure magic! We had pretty good seat in the mezzanine, but the only problem was that we were in the middle of the row and Mike is 6'4", so the seats in front of him were stabbing him in the knees and then our row was full, so we both felt pretty squished. The head usher had just been to our section about 5 minutes to show time to give us the speech about no photography, eating, texting, calling, or moving to other seat that are closer. Just across the aisle from us were open seats with an aisle seat open and I wanted to move there, but didn't want to get in trouble. So, I asked Mike if he wanted me to go and talk with the usher and I could tell he thought that was a fabulous idea, even though all he said was, "Sure, if you want to." LOL So it's now like 30 seconds to curtain rising and I'm running after the usher man to ask him if we can move over. Here is our conversation:

Me: Can I ask you a question?
Him: (stares at me)
Me: My brother is 6'4" and his knees are crammed into the seat in front of him. Just across the aisle from us there are open seats, if no one sits there, can we move over?
Him: (nods his head) Yes, you may do that.
Me: Thank you so much!
So, just as the first scene begins, we move into our more spacious seats. Thank goodness! The show was wonderful. There was a different person playing Fiyero than when I saw it last Fall and Nessarose had moved into Elphaba's role for the night (she is the new understudy) and there was a new Nessarose. It was fabulous and I didn't realize how long the show really is. Mike liked it, but he said he liked Phantom in Las Vegas better because it was about an hour shorter. We lucked out on parking and parked right across the street from the theater. Then, we didn't stay for the curtain call and ran to car and we were home within 45 minutes. Oh! And I learned me lesson the last time I was there. So as soon as the scene closed before intermission, I was out of my seat and to the door before the house lights came up so I could get to the bathroom before the rush of women. I was first, thank you very much!
Have I told you that The Boy's favorite song is Popular? He also loves the Emerald City. In between Popular and Emerald City on the soundtrack is the song Not that Girl. After Popular is over, he says, "Mom, no 'hands touch', just Emerald City." The first line in Not that Girl is, "Hands touch, eyes meet, sudden silence, sudden heat." I think it is hilarious! He also sings Emerald City randomly throughout the day. All of the sudden he'll say, "Come with me to the Emerald City" (Elphaba's line) and then he'll start singing at the top of his lungs. I love it! While at the show that night, I saw this t-shirt and I wanted to get it for him, but luckily Uncle Mike talked some sense into me. Will thanked him for it.


Mandy said...

Yeah girl, WICKED was SO AWESOME! I loved it!!!! I love the pink shirt, and I want it so bad, but I can't justify thirty five stinkin bucks for a tshirt. LAME!

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