Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday - Did someone say Pizookie?

We had talked about going to lunch with Will today, but something came up at work and he wasn't able to do it, so we moved it to Tuesday. Mike and I decided swimming sounded like a good idea and so we spent a few hours there. The Boy was so crazy. He wanted Mike to chase him and then when he did, he cried. Then, he wanted to play water guns, but he wanted to be the only one with a water gun and wouldn't share, so that didn't go over too well either. I hope all 2 year olds are this schizophrenic. LOL

We hit In and Out for lunch that day because Mike is a big fan - me too! And then it was a late nap for the crazy boy. That night I made Salsa Chicken to put in tacos for dinner. It also just happened to me Will and my 7th anniversary. I think a lot of people get married in August because it seems like every blog I read lately has a post celebrating their anniversary. It's kind of funny. Some of them write really heartfelt things and I don't want to be mushy, but I am going to write 7 favorite things about Will in honor of our 7th anniversary.

1. He compliments me so well. I am such a pistol and he can talk me out of a tirade in a few minutes. We were just meant to be.

2. He has the kookiest sense of humor. He always has me laughing and can make me smile during tense situations.

3. He gets up with The Boy in the morning. If he hasn't left for work yet, he is so good to go get him at 6:30 in the blessed morning and entertain him so I can sleep for a little bit longer. I LOVE THAT!

4. His blue eyes - they are the best!

5. After 7 years of marriage he'll let me have control of the TV remote every once and a while and he doesn't complain too much when I choose something that he thinks is totally ridiculous.

6. He makes the best dad. The Boy looks forward to hearing that front door open every day because he has the coolest dad in the world. Since The Boy is a mini-me when it comes to personality, he and his dad just click so perfectly.

7. I love him more today than when I said, "Yes", seven years ago. He must be doing something right.

Oh! And this is what he brought home for me. They are gorgeous - all 24 of them!I took Mike to Marshall's to do some clothes shopping. He can't find jeans that are long enough for him in Utah and Marshall's has really great deals. The last few times he's come, we've shopped there and always found what he was looking for at a great price. Tonight was no exception and he got 3 pairs of jeans for $20. That's rockin!That night after The Boy went to bed, I took Mike to BJ's for a pizookie. We had planned to do this last summer when he was here, but we ran out of time. So, we enjoyed a warm yummy peanut butter cookie with tasty vanilla bean ice cream on top while we chatted about life.


*Brandi said... J.J.'s full name Will or something? I never noticed that you called him that before. Just wondering.

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