Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunday - I Love to See the Temple

Being Sunday, today was a low key day. We went to Sacrament Meeting and then came home. I made Taco Soup for dinner and that was uber tasty. I love it! But it does give me heartburn now that I am pregnant. Both Will and The Boy took really long naps, so after they woke up, and we ate dinner, we headed over to the Newport Beach Temple. Mike had never been to see the temple, so that was fun.After our fiasco with the Great Balloon yesterday, we (well, I) decided that we should try again. We get there and the lot looks relatively unpacked and we head up to the registration building and the kid doesn't have a promising look on his face. He proceeds to tell me that because of a wind delay that night, they aren't currently taking anymore registration, but that they could open it up, depending on how the flights go. I was mad! We had tried to call on our way over, but the number said it was out of service. I explain that we tried to call because of what had happened the night before and he pulls out the brochure they gave me last night (where we got the number from) and says, "Did you call this number?" I almost hit him. Seriously, I did. I think we ended up waiting for an hour and by the time we were up and down from the balloon, it was about 2 hours total. Mamajama, but Will and Mike thought it was cool, so I think it was worth it. Excuse my SoCal, humidity infested, windblown hair.


Jaime said...

Girlfriend, you look gorgeous as ever! And who would know you're pregnant? You look awesome! I'm so jealous of how good you feel. I'm glad you had so much fun with your brother!

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