Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday - A Very Yummy Day

We got an early start today - well, an early start for the three of us. I love that Mike isn't a bright and early kind of person, so he was fine just sleeping in the morning and chilling for a little bit. We left the house by 9am and headed down to Little Corona to try and catch the tide pool animals before high tide got them. However, we didn't got there a little too late and the tide had started coming in, so we only saw a couple of snails and a few crabs. The day was beautiful and beach was gorgeous, so we had come prepared to stay a few hours and play.::side story::
Will and I took our engagement photos at Little Corona. I remember telling him as we were walking down the pathway to the beach and I saw all the awesomely gigantic homes there, that we should live there in ten years. I told the story to Mike and joked that Will only has 3 years to make good on my wish. LOLThe Boy loved having Mike there to take him down to the waves. The waves were breaking really closely to shore and they were pretty big, so he got taken down a couple of times. But after resting for like 15 seconds each time, he jumped up and was ready to go again.After the beach we headed to Sprinkles - a cupcake shop in Newport Beach. All I can say is YUMMY!!!!!! Mike had the peanut butter chocolate cupcake and he said it was the best cupcake he's ever had. It was so tasty. I told him it tasted like a Reese's Peanut Buttercup and he agreed. The Boy and I shared a strawberry cupcake, which was super DELICIOUS. The Boy thought so too and he probably ate 3/4 of the cupcake and had the sticky hands to show for it.I asked Mike what he wanted for lunch and he wanted some good, cheap mexican food. He served his mission in Chicago Spanish Speaking and so he knows good mexican food. I was racking my brain trying to come up with something close to our new house that I could take him. If we were back in the W-hood I totally knew where I'd take him, but it was too far away. Then, it hit me - JALAPENOS! I've been to the Jalapenos in Orange and I loved it. So, we headed over there and the food was perfect. We both had carne asada burritos and The Boy had a quesadilla. I also found my new obsession - horchata. I've had it before and I must have had bad horchata, because I thought I didn't like it. So, when I tasted Mike's yesterday I freaked out! Now I'm obsessed with finding it at a local market. So if you've got tips, share 'em!

After The Boy's nap we went swimming and just kind of chilled for the night. Both Mike and I wanted to go a local hispanic market to buy horchata, but we couldn't find one that was close enough. In W-hood we had one across the street and I also love El Super off of Harbor, but neither were close enough. So, I told him I would find one that we can go to next time. Plus, I need to feed my horchata obsession!


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