Monday, April 21, 2008


OK, so I totally forgot to post the most hilarious story evah! This totally hilarious story happened to our family last Sunday. We got a new building in our Stake, so 2 wards moved from our building to the new building. This meant that we could move our start time from 9:00am to 10:00am. I was totally thrilled for this because it meant (a) choir moves to 9:00 and (b) I don't have to get up so early. Lazy me, I know. So, last week was the first week we had 10:00 church and we were there right around 9:40 and got the perfect seat - last bench on the right hand side of the chapel. About 5 minutes later friends from our neighborhood come in and joke with us about being early. The husband was like, "Didn't anyone tell you church moved to 10?" Insinuating that we weren't really early, but late;) Just about then I look down at the program and I see this - SPEAKER Will Awesome (insert real name). So I turn to Will and this is how our conversation goes:

ME: Why does it say you are speaking today?

WILL: It does not.

ME: It so does. Look!

WILL: Crap.

We both almost died, however I'm sure Will's stomach dropped more than mine did. Just then our friend walks back into the chapel (he has now noticed Will's name on the program) and says, "Now I know why you're here. Same reason we are." (His wife was also on the program.) So we tell them about not knowing Will was speaking and he can't even believe it. I tell Will he better go find someone and tell them there has been a mistake. So he gets up and leaves and I start going through my bags to see if I have anything he can use.

Although I wasn't there, this is how Will explained his conversation with the 2nd counselor of the Bishopric:

2nd COUNSELOR: Oh, are you coming to back out on me? (he laughs - having no idea)

WILL: Well, actually, I had no idea I was speaking today. I was never give a date or a topic.

(2nd counselor goes white. It turns out he is all alone today. Poor guy.)

2nd COUNSELOR: Ok, well, what do you think you could do?

WILL: (ever the non-committest) I could bear my testimony.

2nd COUNSELOR: That's good. Ok, I can say something (pauses) yea, I can talk too.

They break and Will comes back to find us. At this point I've already found my Patriarchal Blessing talk from the Westminster Ward and I hand it to him and tell him maybe he can use something from it. He sits with us for a few minutes and then I'm like - You better go sit up there. So he does.

Then, to make a bad situation even better, guess who is on the stand today? The Stake President. Sweet. This couldn't get any better. After the sacrament when the 2nd counselor introduces the speakers he says, something to the effect of, "We all have a nightmare of showing up to church and seeing our name on the program and we have no idea we were speaking. Well, today that nightmare came true for Brother Awesome. So, he has been kind enough to still give us a few words and then I will speak and President would also like to share a few words.

::side note::
So, all through the song, announcements, and sacrament, I see Will writing furiously.
::end note::

Our friend gives her talk and it's fabulous. And I'm like - Poor, Will. She just had to give a fab talk, so he's going to look even lamer! Then he gets up there and rips out a rockin' talk on missionary work. It was complete with references to Elder Bednar's recent talk at General Conference, quotes from other General Authorities, scriptures and personal experiences and it was like 20 minutes long. It was seriously amazing. If it had been me, I would have grabbed The Boy and my bags and headed for the car. LOL To be honest of the 2nd counselor hadn't made mention of Will having had not been prepared, you wouldn't have even known. The even more amazing thing is thing is that when the 2nd counselor got up, he said when Will came to him and said he hadn't prepared anything because he hadn't been asked, he had the distinct impression that he should share his thoughts on Elder Bednar's talk and when the Stake President spoke - he spoke about the same thing. It was truly inspired.

When Will came down off the stand after the meeting, I ribbed him for not using my amazing Patriarchal Blessing talk - LOL - and he said he couldn't do it because he knew it would self-edit correctly and he would end up saying something like, "When I was a young girl . .. " Now, that would have been hilarious.

So, there is our crazy story. Learn a lesson from our experience - keep a talk in your scripture bag. You never know when it could happen to you!


Mandy said...

That is awesome. I can't believe that they didn't tell him he was speaking! Too funny!

Mama said...

oh my gosh. i would have totally pooped myself if that happened to me. that's nuts. that's actually worse than when dadi and i were released from our callings without even knowing it. we just showed up at church and they released us during the ward business. we stood up an were like "okay??....." we found out later that they had been told that we were moving out of the ward so they released us and called a new leader in sunbeams but never bothered to call us and let us know. also, we weren't even moving out of the ward. we had told some one that we had been THINKING about moving and so they just released us right away. they later apologized but it kind of upset me. we had prepared a lesson ad everything.

jenerekfamily said...

It really WAS a fabulous talk. I was completely impressed.

Laura said...

This is one of the best stories every.

Crystal said...

That's awesome, go Will! At my convocation, the girl didn't know she was speaking until she showed up to get in line to walk and they handed her a program...she started off, "I had a nightmare last night that I showed up to my graduation and was supposed to speak and no one had told me...this morning, it came true..." It was cute, and nice though because it was so short ;)

Kirbell said...

He did a great job! I seriously don't know what I would do if that happened to me!

Tami said...

He totally came through, and on behalf of my husband here's another huge THANKS! Chris was so nervous that something like that would happen when he was flying solo for the first time.

The Titmi said...

Really truly he did an awesome job! The Spirit was there and everything!

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