Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh, snap!

That's what I did when I realized something - my jogging stroller totally folds down! When I got the stroller from the guy off of Craiglist, I asked him to show me how to fold it down and he says, "Oh, it doesn't fold." I was a little surprised, because my friend has one and hers does, but then I figured maybe it was an earlier model and it just didn't. I was sad, but still thrilled to have my jogging stroller/bike trailer and in the brand I wanted.
When I got home, I tried to figure it out from the owner's manual online, but I couldn't figure it out and so I gave up. Well, yesterday at Costco they had the stroller there all set up and the box showed that it folded down. They had one all set up, but it was hanging up. So, of course, I have Will help me get it down so I can fiddle with it. I figure out how it folds down and I decide when I get home I'm going to check it out to see if mine works the same way.
When we pull into the garage, I notice that my stroller has the same locks inside the storage basket. Will is on the phone. I'm so excited I just snap my fingers in happiness. He gets off the phone and he's like, "What's wrong?" I explain that I am just overjoyed that my stroller folds down. He asks, "Why do you need it to?" And I reply, "In case I want to take it to Disneyland or something." LOL The really truth is that when we have a 2nd child, hopefully I won't need another double if I can use this one. I'm just too excited! However, The Boy's current rate of growth, I don't know if another child will be able to ride with him. Our friends were over last night and her 3 year old is 10 lbs lighter than The Boy and they are about the same height. My 7 year old nephew is only 4 lbs heavier. Insane. My only solace is that there is another little boy in our ward that is 3 weeks younger that The Boy and they are the same size - height and weight. So, The Boy doesn't look like such a giant.


Melissa said...

I love these strollers. I'm determined to own one someday.

Vivian said...

The Boy is not a giant! Well, if my boys were the same age maybe, but eventually mine grow.

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