Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweet Shoppe - FOBTY

For this From Our Blog to Yours at the Sweet Shoppe I'm supposed to share my favorite SSD kit. There are just too many, but my current favorite is Dani Mogstad's "Bunny Trails". I think you can tell that I love it because I've used it to decorate my blog for the last two months:) I love that Dani combined blue and pink - because it is so hard to find Easter kits for boys! She did a fabulous job of making it girly and boyish. Yea for Dani!


Kathy said...

Hey. This doesn't have anything to do with this particular post...but I was wondering if I could steal your ABC photoshop files to make a book for the kids?

karenh said...

hi !!!! how are you ??? what have you been up to lately? love reaidng your blog. i'mf inally catching up but of course i won't be able to do that everyday w elsa growing up :)

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