Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle!

We had a fabulous weekend. On Thursday we drove all day up to Utah for Will's little sister's graduation from UVU. The ride was pretty uneventful, except for that I had the wrong car adapter for the DVD player and the battery was dead, and my laptop wouldn't play the sound of the DVD, so The Boy made his first toddler road trip without a movie to watch. So I sang a lot of songs and played some games to keep him entertained - just like the olden days:)
We stayed with Will's Grandma and that was a lot of fun. The Boy has taken to calling her Grandma Sweetie. He was calling her Grandma N and then she called him sweetie a couple of times and then he decided that she was Grandma Sweetie. I think it is totally adorable and she loves it.
This cougar was totally stalking out this little 18 month old boy.

Graduation on Friday was also pretty uneventful, except that all of the little guys got bored during convocation, so none of them went to commencement right after. Don't you think that is weird? I always thought commencement meant a beginning or a start, so it makes sense that BYU has their commencement the afternoon before all the convocations. Oh well, to each its own. Will's older brother and sister took their kids home, but Will and his Grandma went to commencement with Aunt H, so The Boy and I kicked it in the hallways of the LA building. Afterward we had a party at The Pizza Factory and The Boy slept through about an hour of it in his stroller while everyone partied. It was a lot of fun and it was so fun to see everyone and have them altogether. However, we really missed Will's mom and dad, but they are where they are supposed to be (at least that is what Will tells me! LOL).

::side note::
Oh! I forgot to tell you that although the drive up was uneventful, the night before our trip was quite a hullabaloo. We get a call around 8:00pm that things have fallen through for Aunt H's friend that is supposed to ride up and back with Will's younger brother. His younger brother then tells him that his wife and little boy just got back from Alaska that morning (which we knew) and that he has an ear infection. So, his wife isn't up to traveling with a child that has an ear infection and he doesn't want to drive it by himself. Why does this all matter to us, you ask, at 8:00 at night? Well, because his younger brother is Will's ride home. I had planned to stay for BYU Women's Conference the next weekend, so Will was going to catch a ride home with him so I could keep the car. Anywho, so we're scrambling that night to figure something out and Will's older brother and sister-in-law graciously offer to let Will take their open seat and come home a day earlier. They rock!
::end note::

Saturday we took a trip to the Hogle Zoo and The Boy was so excited to have his dad there this time. They did butt heads when it came to leaving the tiger exhibit, but they made up and had a grand time. The giraffes were all outside when we got there, but The Boy insisted on going into their house, so we did. And sure enough about 10 minutes later, the keeper opened the gates and put out the food, so they all came running. I love that giraffe house and I think The Boy and I would be happy to live there.
The Boy loved watching th leopard stalking back and forth.
Sunday my sister blessed her new little baby and I got to be here. It was so fun see my Nana and Grandpa and The Boy loved having everyone around. Yesterday we did bubbles and my sister and I took the kids and my littlest sister to the wave pool. The Boy is just in heaven having everyone to entertain him.
These were taken with my camera phone.


Melissa said...

I haven't been to Hogle Zoo since they built the new area for the cats. Looks pretty good.

I was at the UVU program for the business school on Friday for my brother. Guess we were like ships passing in the night.

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