Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a World, What a ... Sea World?

We took a little jaunt down to San Diego yesterday to make good use of our Sea World pass. It was such a fun day. It was just The Boy and me, so we missed having Will with us, but it was still fun. The weather was gorgeous - it was warm, but not so warm that you were uncomfortable. I mostly just want to show you all the pictures that I took because I don't have much to say today:)

First we saw the Dolphin Show.

Trainer riding the pilot whale.

Dolly the amazing jumping bottlenose dolphin.

Then we met the Anhueser-Bush Clydesdale!

We made a quick trip over to the tide pools.

Here is me forcing me to put his hand in the water so I can take a picture.

Next, it was the Shamu Show.

After Shamu we went to the Wild Arctic to see the Polar Bears and Walruses.

He was totally freaked out because . . .

The walrus kept coming REALLY close!

We were there for feeding time!

We even got a great big kiss!

We also saw Sea Turtles, Penguins, and got up close to the dolphins, but I couldn't keep The Boy out of the water and take pictures. We also saw the Pets show and that was fun, but nothing I needed pictures of. I hope that Will can go with us next time so that we can feed/pet the dolphins. The Boy kept saying he wanted to do it, but I knew the minute I paid $5 he would refuse to get near them, plus I want pictures and I couldn't take pictures and help him feed the dolphins.

Oh! And they are running their "Come a Day: Play all year" promotion until April 30th. So go and get yours today so we can play together!


Laura said...

I wish we lived closer WE would so go with you!

Davis Family said...

looks like tons of fun. i hope that i'm ablet o take joshua this summer. i know he would just love it!

Kenna said...

I'm glad you guys had such a good time! You make me miss CA really bad! I'll have to move back someday. Maybe after I'm tired of red rocks and the river. We'll see!

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